Photo of Exploded Fishing Rod

Have you ever heard about getting off the water when a storm is moving in?  It's a wise thing to do that's for sure.

Many anglers will push it a bit too far and take chances but it really isn't worth it.  The photo that I display here should convince you of that.

As has been said, fishing rods can be like lightning rods.  When they get hit, POW!, you have an explosion in  your hands.

I was at the St. Croix fishing rod factory for a tour back in May.  In their tackle shop they had a display of a rod that was hit by lightening.   One look at what happened to this rod tells me that at the first sound of thunder, it's time to head off the water.

FYI St. Croix is now doing tours.   Visit their website for more information and making your reservation to tour their factory.  It's an impressive tour and worth the visit while in northern Wisconsin for a fishing vacation.

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