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LATEST REPORTS AND NEWS   (Photos are at the end of this Blog)

Chicago River Fishing Report by Pat Harrison

Last week was a good week on the Chicago River. Had some Great Groups out and we caught fish every trip, 7 species in all Sm Lg Mouth White Bass Crappie Bluegill Perch Catfish. Numbers were good some are getting a little harder to find.Water temps are in the mid seventies. there was a lot of added boat traffic with the Tall Ships in town but it was a fun week.

On a side note Sunday at the Richard J.Daley ramp was the busiest day I have ever seen there and not very fun. there were at least 40 boats and just as many jet ski's. People were pulling the wrong way passing others waiting to launch and that spilled out into the water. there is a NO WAKE ZONE at the ramp and jet ski's and boats were flying around it. Water Safety is very Important,

People were leaving the ramp with adults and children out on the bows of pleasure boats and running full bore up river to downtown. At anytime on the river there can be large logs branches and other debris floating that can turn a Fun day into a Bad day. There are various NO WAKE ZONES 5 mph or less No ripples on the water.

The south branch of the river is very commercial its not a Recreational Area as you round a turn at 35 mph there may be a barge coming right at you, Everyone one has the right to have fun on the River but please know the hazards and a little Boat safety and educate.

Just a few Safety tips

  • 15 years of age and under must wear a life Jacket at all time.
  • NO WAKE 5 mph or less
  • Stay to the right up and down the water way just like on the street
  • Bow riding 5 mph and less
  • Most of all know the body of water you are on and respect it and others that are on it with you..

Safety and Fun boating have to go together so we all have fun.

Pat Harrison Outdoors  -

Walleyes Unlimited News by Bob Clark

Upcoming Meetings and Event Dates - Visit our updated monthly speaker line-up our site at:

August 2016

Wisconsin Meeting: American Legion Greendale Post 416 | 6351 W. Grange Ave. | Greendale, WI53129 | Date: Wednesday, August 10, 2016 | Speaker: Mike Arrowood – Walleyes For Tomorrow (WFT)| Topic: Sustaining Walleye Populations

Mike Arrowood, Executive Director of WFT will talk about how this 501 (c) (3), and Affiliate Member of Walleyes Unlimited USA, helps improve Wisconsin walleye and sauger fishing. WFT is a project-oriented organization with the goal of increasing the population of walleye in the waters where habitat projects are undertaken. The mission of WFT shall be to work with other clubs, agencies, and the DNR to improve the quality of walleye and sauger fishing.

Among the many methods used by WFT are portable hatcheries, spawning protection, water quality and habitat improvement. Walleyes For Tomorrow will help provide the needed resources to achieve the above through fund-raising efforts and by recruiting volunteer labor where possible.

Walleyes For Tomorrow and other volunteer organizations such as fishing clubs, municipal, state or federal governments (including state and federal fishery bureaus such as the DNR and others) may carry out projects. You will learn how many chapters of WFT improve walleye fishing.

Illinois Meeting: Gurnee American Legion | 749 Milwaukee Ave. | Gurnee, IL60031 | Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2016 | Speaker: Eric Haataja | Topic: Fishing the Menominee River

Eric Haataja owns and operates Big Fish Guide Service in SoutheasternWI. One of the best Wisconsin fishing guides and Wisconsin fishing Charter Captains in the Midwest, Eric is a true multi-species fishing guide so he is on hot fish throughout the entire year.

Eric has a pretty impressive list of accomplishments that indicate is he is more than just show. He is an accomplished tournament Bass, Salmon, Muskie and Walleye competitor, a Great Lakes Charter Captain, and a World Record Line Class holder (steelhead.)

Haataja fishes for everything from monster king salmon to big bluegills through the ice, so to say he is multi-species angler is an understatement. Eric plans to speak about what he does on the Menominee River throughout the year and when is the best time to be on the river.

Lake Geneva Fishing Club News by Bob Clark

We Welcome New Members to the Lake Geneva Fishing Club

The Fishing Club of Lake Geneva is dedicated to promoting sport fishing for all species on Lake Geneva. We also encourage kids to fish, and the club sponsors an annual Kids Free Fishing Day as described on our Kids Day page. The club has season long outings and contests on Geneva. At the monthly meetings, we have speakers that include members along with expert fishing and electronics professionals. We meet at Cabela’s the second Wednesday of the month from March through November. We welcome all – men, women, and youth

August 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 | 6:30 PM | Cabela’s | 5225 Prairie Stone Pkwy.| Hoffman Estates, IL 60192 | (847) 645-0400 | Speaker: Phil Gutmann – Muske “62” | Topic: Strategies for Geneva Muskie

Whether it is muskie fishing in the Midwest or Canada Phil Gutmann has been chasing these monsters since 1986. He has had the pleasure of meeting and becoming acquainted with many new friends and businesses involved in the muskie fishing industry. Gutmann is also a top performer on the Illinois Muskie Tournament Trail circuit.

Phil’s #1 goal is to continue to provide muskie anglers from all over North America the educational and fishing information they seek in becoming better muskie anglers not only here in Northeast Illinois but also from other muskie fisheries he  frequent in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Ontario Canada.

Phil has been kind enough to talk about a growing new fishery for muskies, Lake Geneva. It will certainly be one of the first opportunities to listen to a true “muskie hunter” and how he attacks a lake like Geneva. This should certainly be an interesting topic and one that will definitely grow as the Geneva muskies grow!

Salmon Unlimited News

CLICK HERE for the lates Salmon Unlimited newsletter.

NEW WeFishASA Podcast by Steve Sarley - Outdoor Experience

An exciting new podcast is now available called “WeFishASA.”

WeFishASA is brought to you by the proud industry members of the American Sportfishing Association.
WeFishASA is available 24/7 at and also at iTunes and via the free app from Stitcher radio.

The podcast is the brainchild of tackle industry veteran and professional fisherman Dave Kranz. The podcast is hosted by long-time outdoors media veteran, Steve Sarley.

The podcast promises that it is always pleased to offer you conversation with the most interesting, the most informative, the most entertaining, as well as some of the biggest names in the world of fishing.

WeFishASA will present a new episode of the one-hour podcast every week.

WeFishASA intends to present a program for people who love to fish. Most importantly, WeFishASA will talk about the issues that are most important to the sport - things like conservation, the politics of fishing, the threats that face our sport and fishing advocacy and the preservation of the future of fishing. This is what WeFishASA is all about, advocacy for our sport and ensuring a bright future for it.

The first four episodes of WeFishASA are now available and feature first-rate guests like Babe Winkelman, Kevin VanDam and Mike Iaconelli.


Local Pond Report by Ken HUSKER O'Malley

Hey Don, Despite the recent heat, bass continue to be good on area lakes. Cast chatterbaits parallel to the shoreline at first light. This presentation is especially effective with the recent heavy rains. Pay special attention to areas with current to pick off a few extra bass. As the morning goes on, working weed mats in deeper water with a Texas rigged Berkley chigger craw will continue to produce bass. Using at least a 3/4 weight is needed to punch through the mats. TTYL

Ken "Husker" O'Malley
Waterworks fishing team

Rend Lake Fishing Report by Randy Cordray

LARGEMOUTH BASS Good Worms, black and blue jigs, minnows, and spinner baits. Fish in shallow bays near brush cover and bushes. Fish around bridges and along the rocks. Reports of fish being caught around Jackie Branch, Sandusky Cove, and below the dam. 14” minimum length limit, 6 daily creel limit. 1 fish daily creel limit in PONDS 14” minimum length.
CRAPPIE Excellent Jigs are working well. Quarter-Ounce pink and white tub jigs. Small & Medium Minnows. Meal worms. Fish the main lake drop off areas.  Try the Gun Creek Area. From shore fish near structures, hot spots are Jackie Branch, Sandusky,  Sailboat Harbor, Marcum coves, and Ina Boat Ramp. 25 fish daily creel limit with no more than 10 fish 10 inches or longer
BLUEGILL Good Crickets, worms, wax worms, meal worms, small jigs. Fish in the back of necks and on flat shallow banks and on the rocks. Try fishing shallow with crickets, worms or small jigs. From shore try Sailboat Harbor. 10 fish daily creel limit in PONDS. 
CHANNELCATFISH Excellent Sonny’s stink bait, Hoss’s Hawg Bait, leeches, night crawlers, and large minnows. Try the Waltonville Dam, Turnip Patch, Jackie Branch, and North Sandusky Day Use Area. Set line 3-4’ from the shore over rocks. Try leeches in moving water.  Drift fish the flats. 6 fish daily creel limit in PONDS.Jugs must be attended at all times while fishing.
WHITE BASS Fair Jig and curly tail grubs, inline spinners. Fish in shallow bays near brush cover and bushes. Fish around along the rocks and dropoffs. Reports of fish being caught around  the 154 bridges. 20 fish creel limit.No more than 3 fish 17” or longer daily


Information as of:  07/31/2016LAKE LEVEL: 406.98      AVERAGE POOL FOR THIS DATE: 406.70     WATER TEMP:  85°F

Use of a minnow seine, cast net, or shad scoop for bait collecting within 1000 yards downstream of the Rend Lake dam and spillway is prohibited.

Maps of the Fish Attractor tree locations along with GPS readings are available at the Rend Lake Corps of Engineers Project Office.  Contact Randy Cordray for more information at (618) 724-2493.

 Kentucky Lake Fishing Report by Capt. Rich Bay

Your fishing report for July 29, 2016 From the deck of the Kick’n Bass pontoon

Weather forecast is for highs in the mid to upper 80’s for the next week with scat-tered thunderstorms on some days. Still pretty hot so bring alot of water and sun-screen for your ventures out in the lake (or beach!))! Water levels are stable for now but we have some possible weather events coming in. Fishing has been good for the last ten days or so and I expect that to continue. They blew up the old Eggner Ferry bridge this week and how fitting was it was to see the Delta Marina cruising by…the ship that knocked 322 feet of that bridge down in 2012.

Lake conditions
Water temps are 89 degrees in the morning and warming up to about 93 degrees in the afternoons. Water color on the main lake is very clear to about 4 feet. Levels are at 358.85, a bit under summer pool (359.0 elevation) and they are pulling water to bring back to normal for this time of year which is elevation 358.0.
You can view the lake levels here:

Crappies are still in summer mode and we have caught some on the ledges pulling Arkie crankbaits. Not hot and heavy but they are there along with many other fish.

The summer ledge pattern has taken ahold on Kentucky Lake. Those that the toon has caught were while pulling crankbaits or tossing a Steel Shad bladebait and Ken’s hybrid inline spinners for whitebass. Swim baits, Steelshad bladebaits, shaky head worms and Texas rigged creature baits have been catching fish. Fishing your lure real slow has helped the bite. Several friends of mine that guide have been night fishing and have been catching huge Largemouth and Smallmouth. Lure choices have been shaky heads, big dark colored spinnerbaits and big creature baits by Z Man fished on the main lake shores.

I did not get the chance to fish for gills and redears this week so I do not have a report. We did catch a nice gill on a Steelshad that was hanging out in 25 feet of water!

The Whitebass are still into their summer patterns as well. They are stacking up on river channels and deep flats mid lake. When the TVA is generating electricity, Whitebass and Yellowbass have really picked up the bite! They seem to be feeding on a huge hatch of pin minnows that look like clouds on my Lowrance HDS12. We have caught a bunch on Steel Shads blade baits and Ken’s Hybrid spinners. Best tip for catching stripes is to al-ways stay in contact with the bottom. We have been catching fish from the bottom to rip-ping our lures up 6 to 8 feet off the bottom. They have been feeding very aggressively and there is nothing like a pound and a half Whitebass trying to yank the pole out of your hand!

Didn’t get a chance to fish for cats this week but caught a few while whitebass fishing. Most catfishers have been fishing the deep drops and holes up to sixty feet deep.

Precision Sonar
Are you having trouble reading your Lowrance electronics? Not sure what you are look-ing at? Good at electronics but not getting readings or screens set up like you would like? I've been there and still have questions so I called Randy Kuhens from Randy is the man when it comes to reading and understanding your Lowrance products. His "on the water" class is far and away the best anywhere. Give Randy a call and he can get your electronics exactly to where you want them!!!

Today me and my dad went out with Captain Rich and he is one of the most knowledgeable men I've ever met when it comes to this stuff. He had me catching more fish than I have in the past year! He is so nice and helped me out so much. I will definitely come back. Sam

Captain Rich
270-205-7603 • kylakefish@gmail . com•

Niagara NY Fishing Report by Bill Hilts Jr.

Niagara Produces Big LOC Winners … Again

1.       Lake Ontario and tributaries – After a hard east-northeast blow last weekend, the lake is just starting to settle back down and resume with some of the great salmon and trout action we’ve seen this summer. Anglers are still experiencing tackle-busting salmon inside of 150 feet of water, starting in 60 feet of water at first light according to Wes Walker at The Slippery Sinker. Meat rigs, flasher-fly or spoons will all take fish, but some days you do have to work harder than others. Browns have pushed inside of 50 feet of water and the leading youth catch in the LOC Derby was Adam Flachbart of Fairview Park, Ohio with a 14 pound, 5 ounce brown trout … caught off the pier in Olcott on a Yo-Zuri crankbait! Walker also reported a few jack kings came from the pier after the lake rolled over following the storm. Now it’s back to the normal catch of bass, perch and a few crappies. Ditto for warm water fish over in Wilson. Out deep, the 23 to the 26 north line continues to be productive on steelhead and teenager kings. It was actually tougher fishing in the 450 to 500 depth range due to some cold water upwelling. Niagara County led the charge once again in the Summer Lake Ontario Counties (LOC) Trout and Salmon Derby held July 1-31. Grand Prize catch came from Olcott and Wilson both – Chad Fenstermaker and Mitch Shipman of Ohio were fishing out of Olcott but ended up north of Wilson in 205 feet of water when a 31 pound, 7 ounce salmon hit their raspberry shadow Moonshine spoon 90 feet back of their dipsy diver set on No. 2. Chad reeled the fish in – his first salmon on his first Lake Ontario fishing trip – to take home the $10,000 check. First place in the salmon division was Larry Wills of Lewiston with a 30 pound, 15 ounce king salmon caught out of Wilson on a purple Warrior spoon – 40 feet down over 400 feet of water. First place brown trout was Guy Witkiewitz of Ontario, NY with an 18 pound, 14 ounce fish caught east of Irondequoit Bay. Second place came from Wilson when Thomas Gies of Michigan reeled in a 17 pound, 6 ounce trout while fishing with Capt. Dan Evans of Lone Wolf Charters. It hit a Moonshine Ice Shadow spoon 45 feet down over 220 feet in front of Wilson. In the Lake Trout Division, Ephriam Burt of Watertown bested Bob Turton on Sanborn with a 24 pound, 3 ounce fish from Henderson harbor. Turton’s Niagara Bar laker tipped the scales at 23 pounds, 7 ounces. He was using a green Kwikfish to take his local trout. Top steelhead came from Niagara when Wade Winch of North Tonawanda hauled in a 17 pound, 10 ounce fish from Wilson. He was using a slide diver, back 185 feet on a No. 2.5 setting over 180 feet of water with a purple Dreamweaver spoon as bait. Next derby on the calendar is the Orleans County Rotary Derby, set for August 6-21. The Slippery Sinker and the Boat Doctors in Olcott are both registration points. The inaugural Reelin’ for a Cure team tournament – focusing just on the ladies – will be held out of Olcott on August 19. Get those teams together and plan on fishing! For more info contact Stephanie Pierleoni at 481-6388 for more info. Greater Niagara Fish Odyssey registrations are now online at and at area registration outlets.

2.       Lower Niagara River – After a lake roll-over resulted in some great bass fishing at the mouth of the river last Sunday (according to Capt. Steve Drabczyk of Lewiston), those fish scattered and it was a struggle for anglers fishing in the Lower River Fishing Challenge to benefit Cystic Fibrosis, part of the second annual Charity for Children event held Monday and Tuesday. Moss is no long an issue, but finding bass and walleye during the dog days of summer was definitely a “challenge” as the name suggested. The most bass any one person caught was Tim Kolb with 5 on Monday; 7 for Dean Hale on Tuesday. Only a few walleye were caught and trollers that hit the lake did produce some salmon and trout on the Niagara Bar. Top salmon catcher on Monday was Jim Weber of Newfane; Tuesday it was Adam Thomas of Amherst with Beneficial Soil #2 – who also won the individual title for the overall contest with 1,305 points. He was fishing with Capt. Mark “Sparky” McGranahan. In the end for the team title, it was Capt. Jim Gordon of Appleton leading the Team event for Beneficial Soil #1 (Frank D’Amico, Joe Manz and Rick O’Brien) with a total of 3,320 points. The surprise catch of the contest would have been Gary Hall’s 5 foot sturgeon that he fought for a half-hour before losing it at the side of the boat when the hook came out. Quite a thrill! The 11th Annual Bass Contest to benefit Independent Living of Niagara County will be held at Fort Niagara and the Three-F Club on August 7. Contact 284-4131 Ext. 146.

3.       Upper Niagara River – Best fishing has been along the east side of Strawberry Island for smallmouth on crayfish, shiners or tubes. The inside of the Strawberry Island horseshoe has been closed due to nesting bald eagles. Bass action has been consistent, but you can catch sheepshead and silver bass from boat and shore if you are using live bait like crayfish or shiners.  In the Erie Canal, the kids will be flocking to the Wide Waters Marina in Lockport on August 13 from 10 am to 2 pm for a special free derby that is open to the public.

4.       Lake Erie and tributaries – Closest consistent action for walleye continues to be off Sturgeon Point in 70 feet of water. While trolling worm harnesses or stickbaits are always an option off planer boards, downriggers or diving planes like dipsy divers, some anglers prefer to use the very basic approach of a three-way rig, bouncing bottom with a worm harness trailing. Capt. John DeLorenzo of Niagara Falls has been focusing between Sturgeon Point and Cattaraugus Creek in 68 to 73 feet of water to take limit catches of ‘eyes. The recent northeast winds did shut things down a bit and he only had 8 fish on Wednesday. Orange and chartreuse are the best colors, but firetiger does well, too. His basic set-up has the distance from the three-way to the worm harness at 3 feet. His front rods will have a 5 ounce drop weight; the back rods a three ounce weight to avoid tangles. GPS ground speed is normally around 1.3 mph, using his trolling motor to supply the speed he needs. Bass action has been a bit tough. Deeper has been better on the outside of reefs and shoals. Crayfish and shiners; tubes and drop-shot rigs. Start in 25 feet of water and work out.

Canadian Open Bass Tournament – Congratulations are in order to Capt. Joe Fonzi of Gasport who placed third overall in the Canadian Open last month out of Kingston, Ontario on Lake Ontario with a three day catch of 64.50 pounds. He caught 19.5 pounds, but with a penalty for one dead fish. It may have cost him second place. Day two he reeled in 19.85 pounds of bass, sitting in 8th place. On the third day, he brought in the big bag of the tourney, a five fish total of 25.65 pounds, anchored by a 6.75 smallmouth that was big fish for the day. Steve Boris of London, Ontario won the tournament with over 67 pounds of bass. Big fish of the tournament was caught by Darren Izumi, son of Canadian legend Bob Izumi, with a 7.2 pound fish. Secret to Fonzi’s success was a drop shot rig approach in 18 to 28 feet of water with goby imitation plastics, running about 27 miles to his favorite fishing hole. He attributes his successful runs to his Ranger 621fs Fisherman that handled the 3 and 4 foot waves admirably and his Cabela’s fishing gear that helped him to deal with the adverse conditions.

Bill Hilts, Jr. - Director, Outdoor Promotions
Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation

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Lake of the Woods MN Fishing Report by Joe Henry

THIS WEEK - Strong bite continues both bait fishing and trolling crankbaits. Resorts jig fishing, drifting spinners and downrigging with crankbaits. Schools of fish in the basin in 28-32 feet giving up good numbers of 16-18 inch walleyes. Garden Island and 9-12 miles off of Pine Island are holding fish. Some big headed eyes mixed in as well. Gold, silver and white have been strong. Water temp is 77 degrees.

On the Rainy River, walleyes are being caught jigging and pulling crankbaits.  Trolling this time of year is a great way to locate fish and catch multi-species.  Nice pods of river walleyes available.  Water clarity has improved.  Sturgeon "keep" season is now open through Sep. 30 and sturgeon have been active.

Up at the NW Angle, Deep water mud is the way to go using spinners and bottom bouncers with crawlers, or trolling crankbaits.  The areas around Four Blocks and around Little Oak have held good fish. Gold, pink and orange are top colors.  On the Ontario walleyes relating to off shore structure and deep mud. Spinners have been the most productive. The water temp is 74 degrees. Many nice sized fish have been boated and everyone has been going home with their limits! The Muskie action was mixed this past week.  Good reports burning bucktails over cabbage and rocks. Resorts, guides, directions and local events at

Joe Henry | Executive Director | Lake of the Woods Tourism |
m: 320-260-7727 | office: 800-382-3474 |

LAST WEEK - Fish are active and there are limits to be had. Resorts are downrigging with crankbaits, jig fishing and drifting spinners. Schools of fish in the middle of the lake in 28-32 feet being targeted by jiggers and crankbaiters continue to heat up. Garden Island and 9-12 miles off of Pine Island are holding fish. Many great fish in the 18" range and some trophies mixed in as well. Gold, silver and white have been strong.

On the Rainy River, some walleyes are being caught near the mouth of the river and into four mile bay. Water clarity has improved slightly. Jig and minnow remains best option for catching walleyes with some anglers using a bottom bouncer paired with a stick bait as well. Most anglers fishing the lake. Great smallmouth bass bite up and down the river. Sturgeon "keep" season is now open through Sep. 30th and they are active.

Up at the NW Angle, the mud between Little Oak and Oak Island has been pro and aducing good numbers of saugers and walleyes in depths of 24 to 30 feet. Work the offshore reefs and humps using spinners and bottom bouncers with crawlers, or crankbaits, as the majority of fish have moved off the larger islands onto the mid-lake structure. The southwest side of Oak and the areas around Four Blocks also good producers again. Gold, pink and orange are top color choices. On the Ontario side the walleyes have been out deep in the mud off the rocks in 25-35 feet due to the recent storms and heavy winds. Spinners have been the most productive. The water temp is 70 degrees. Many nice sized fish have been boated and everyone has been going home with their limits! The Muskie action has continued to improve along with pike and smallmouth bass.

Anglers who plan to take Highway 46 out of Deer River should know that the bridge 3 miles south of Alvwood is closed and a 30 mile detour is the result. Our suggestion is to take Highway 6 North in Deer River to Highway 1 West to Northome. Resorts, guides, and local events at

Joe, Henry, Lake of the Woods MN Tourism

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