Try Heidecke Lake for Muskies

Avid Muskie angler Ray Thompson shared an email and a couple photos that he received from Rob Miller of the IL DNR Fisheries.   Miller does lake surveys and checks on fish at Heidecke Lake as well as many others in the area.

I've fished Heidecke Lake near Morris, Illinois many times and have caught my share of muskies there; not on puprpose, but while fishing for bass.  I know as many others do, that Heidecke Lake has a good population of muskies.  But if you don't believe me, read on to see what Rob Miller has to say about Heidecke.

Hi Ray:  

The annual Heidecke Lake trap net survey was a success in terms of quality, but a little lacking in quantity. Colder water temperatures may have caused the catch rates to decline but larger fish were collected. Average surface water temperature for the survey was 47°F. Muskie collected ranged from 28.5” to 48.0”. The largest fish, a gravid female, weighed in just shy of 30 pounds. The average size muskie collected measured 36.8”. All fish were fitted with PIT tags. Attached are photos of two of the larger fish. I’m in the process of writing up the report and will forward a copy along once its completed.

I think more guys need to give this lake a shot as we’re starting to see more and more big fish.
Heidecke Lake is located off Pine Bluff and Lorenzo Roads just east of Morris, Illinois.   Thanks for sharing Ray!


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