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Starved Rock State Park Update

Visitors to Starved Rock State Park should be aware that parking is limited due flooding. The park and hiking trails remain open, and parking is available at the Starved Rock Lodge. However, the Starved Rock Visitor Center main parking lot, boat ramp, and picnic areas remain closed due to flooding. The main parking lot normally can hold up to 500 cars. Check Illinois State Park conditions at the IDNR Website.

Additional updates:

  • The Illinois Route 178 entrance to Starved Rock will be closed on weekends until further notice due to flooding and traffic control.  The Illinois Route 71 entrance will be open.  Parking will be limited until the main parking lot is open.  Overflow parking areas are unavailable due to wet conditions.
  • The Starved Rock Visitor Center will remain open with normal business hours of 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. daily. Parking is available at the Starved Rock Lodge (Rt. 71 entrance). Access the Starved Rock Visitor Center via the staircase behind the Starved Rock Lodge. The Starved Rock Lodge will remain open with normal business hours.
  • Plan to arrive early. The Starved Rock Lodge parking area was completely full by 10:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, June 20.
  • Matthiessen State Park multi-use trails and lower canyon trails at the Matthiessen Dells Area are closed until further notice due to flooding and wet conditions.
  • Use caution while hiking, because trails are wet and muddy. Swimming and wading are prohibited. Updates will be posted as soon as conditions improve. Visit the IDNR’s site closure page for more information.

Kankakee River report from Mark Stewart

Check out All the Nice Bass we have caught in the last four weeks in tournaments here. This sunday I will be out on the Kankakee River for the Anglers Dream Tournament. We only need 38 points to fish the Big Tournament at Kentucky Lake in Sept (see Photos)

Rend Lake Fishing Report by Randy Cordray

LARGEMOUTH BASS Good Worms, black and blue jigs, minnows, and spinner baits. Fish in shallow bays near brush cover and bushes. Fish around bridges and along the rocks. Reports of fish being caught around Jackie Branch, Sandusky Cove, and below the dam. 14” minimum length limit, 6 daily creel limit. 1 fish daily creel limit in PONDS 14” minimum length.
CRAPPIE Good Jigs are working well. Quarter-Ounce pink and white tub jigs. Small & Medium Minnows. Meal worms. Fish the main lake drop off areas.  Try the Gun Creek Area. From shore fish near structures, hot spots are Jackie Branch, Sandusky,  Sailboat Harbor, Marcum coves, and Ina Boat Ramp. 25 fish daily creel limit with no more than 10 fish 10 inches or longer
BLUEGILL Good Crickets, worms, wax worms, meal worms, small jigs. Fish in the back of necks and on flat shallow banks and on the rocks. Try fishing shallow with crickets, worms or small jigs. From shore try Sailboat Harbor. 10 fish daily creel limit in PONDS. 
CHANNELCATFISH Excellent Sonny’s stink bait, Hoss’s Hawg Bait, leeches, night crawlers, and large minnows. Try the Waltonville Dam, Turnip Patch, Jackie Branch, and North Sandusky Day Use Area. Set line 3-4’ from the shore over rocks. Try leeches in moving water.  Drift fish the flats. 6 fish daily creel limit in PONDS.Jugs must be attended at all times while fishing.
WHITE BASS Fair Jig and curly tail grubs, inline spinners. Fish in shallow bays near brush cover and bushes. Fish around along the rocks and dropoffs. Reports of fish being caught around  the 154 bridges. 20 fish creel limit.No more than 3 fish 17” or longer daily
Information as of:  06/23/2015LAKE LEVEL: 411.61        AVERAGE POOL FOR THIS DATE: 407.12     WATER TEMP:  78°F       The lake level from recent rainfall has crested.

Use of a minnow seine, cast net, or shad scoop for bait collecting within 1000 yards downstream of the Rend Lake dam and spillway is prohibited.

Maps of the Fish Attractor tree locations along with GPS readings are available at the Rend Lake Corps of Engineers Project Office.  Contact Randy Cordray for more information at (618) 724-2493.

Lake Shelbyville Fishing Report by Steve Wesch

All the rain that has hit north and south of us did not miss us this time. The lake is rising to ten feet over summer pool by Thursday. That means it is a whole new lake and all the fish will move to the weeds around the lake and it will fish shallow now for some time. The problem is that this lake has 195 miles of shoreline and all of it has weeds not to mention all the feeder creeks that you can now go up without a problem.

Every weed and it's location are not equal. Weeds on flats adjacent to deep water will hold walleye and bass. Weeds close to gravel will hold white bass and crappie will be weeds close to creeks or very dense weeds. The crappie will also suspend over and in standing timber so trolling will be deadly on them.

I use a Big Dude or rattletrap to cover water along the weeds for walleye and whites. For the crappie I look for dense weeds and dip a minnow under a slip bobber right in the middle of them.

We will also be pulling spinners right through the standing timber. This is the reason we use line counters so you can put your bait right in front of them and be able to repeat it.

Like I said it is a whole new lake now so I am taking a few days to
scout by myself to get back on the fish.  With so much debris and mud in the lake be careful. I have seen thirty-foot trees floating out in the middle of the lake.

Steve Welch

Mercer WI Area Fishing Report by Jeff Robl

June 26 Fishing Report - The walleye fishing the last three days has been slow. In the pursuit of walleye we have found some nice 8-11" perch, the perch bite has been on a piece of crawler over bobbers in 11-13' with wood structure. We have been catching walleyes the last few days but low #;s of keepers. Had a late day trip yesterday with customers looking for smallmouth, we pounded shoreline rocks with few takers, did have a big one on my favorite top water, a Rapala skitter pop. With the sun low we drifted a stump flat , 4-8', I put on a salmo and second cast had a nice walleye, we made three short passes and caught a smallmouth or two each pass. If you're interested in smb you might want to look other places then shallow rocks.

As I have said in the past even when the fish "aren't biting" you can catch fish on the TFF fishing the right structure ,today on a tough bite day we kept 3 walleyes, 11 nice perch, 1-11" crappie and a smb just over 15" ( the perfect keeping size) and other perch, bass and small walleye released. The previous two days were similar catches.

Monday was a good walleye bite with the storms blowing through and 30+ mile an hour winds the fish were snappin. We started fishing humps on the big water side. Since I was young ,fishing on Winnebago, I've always liked that kind of weather, my boat likes the big chop and my customers Charlie and son Tim weren't bothered by the nice 3' walleye chop. But when it got over 30 mph we had to hide from the wind. That's where Charlie caught a walleye a little over 27", we had another big one on, in the same spot that got off ,half way back to the boat. Please don't get the wrong impression if my customers are uneasy with the conditions or if I sense any real danger we come in, but I do love the rough water.

For area information, visit

Jeff Robl - Bobber Down Guide Service

Niagara NY Fishing Report from Bill Hilts Jr.

  1. Lake Ontario and tributaries – Action in Lake Ontario is not on fire, but they are starting to catch a few fish off Olcott and Wilson. According to Capt. Bob Cinelli, look for the best chance for success between 180 to 350 feet of water with spoons. There has been a mixed bag of fish from the occasional king and coho salmon to steelhead and lake trout. Lots of bait has been reported by anglers and it could be gizzard shad. This weekend, June 27 and 28, is New York’s Free Fishing Days. Everyone should be taking advantage of these special days, especially if you don’t have a fishing license and thought about getting into the sport … or BACK into it. Whether it’s to tie into special events like the kids derby in Olcott on Saturday (starting at 8 am in the Town of Newfane Marina) or the Gateway Harbor Hooked on Fishing Tournament (  in North Tonawanda both days, this is a perfect opportunity to wet a line and cast for some big prizes. If a fishing contest isn’t up your alley, then just go out and sample the local waters for a long list of fish species. If you have a license and are always looking to find someone to fish with, this is a great way to take a neighbor, friend or relative. While kids under 16 do not need a license, it’s still a perfect excuse to teach the next generation of anglers some tips of the trade. On Lake Ontario, the summer LOC Derby is going on and some extra bucks are on the line starting this Saturday, with an additional $1,750 in weekly prizes up for grabs for salmon and trout. All told, $29,000 in prizes are available to anglers on the lake through July 26. Check out for details.
  2. Lower Niagara River – Moss continues to pose a problem for shore casters and boat drifters throughout the river. Remember that bass and musky seasons are now open if you want to try and give it a go. For bass, you can now use live bait.  Because of the moss situation, not too many people have been out fishing. Off the NYPA fishing platform, there have been reports of smallmouth bass and silver bass most frequently. Use tubes jigs or live bait to take fish.
  3. Upper Niagara River – The Kelly’s Korners Bass Contest was held on opening day last Saturday. Randy Fischer of Niagara Falls led a field of 68 competitors to earn $860 for his two fish total of 10.41 pounds. His total included the big fish for the tournament, a 5.3 pound smallmouth he hauled in from 29 feet of water off Waneka along Lake Erie. He was using a chub. Mike McGrath of Niagra Falls placed second with just under 10 pounds; third place went to Don Ayler of Tonawanda. He was also fishing off Waneka. If this weekend doesn’t work into your plans, you might want to consider the 25th Annual Erie Canal Fishing Derby July 1 to 12 – that’s this coming week! The derby is an excellent vehicle to get the entire family out fishing and there’s plenty of shoreline access to take advantage of. If you have a boat – even a canoe or a kayak – it will open new areas for casting or drifting live bait. Check out the website at for all the details. With over $20,000 in prizes and an additional $10,000 possible in tagged fish, the odds are good to catch a winning fish in the bass, walleye, pike, bullhead, carp, sheepshead or catfish categories. Fishing for bass has been good – both largemouth and smallmouth.

Bill Hilts, Jr. - Director, Outdoor Promotions

Lake of the Woods Minnesota Fishing Report by Joe Henry

June summer fishing in full swing. Anglers drifting with spinners with live bait and still successful anchoring and jigging. Many depths working. Limits of sauger and walleye found in 6-25 feet. Try the mud flats off of Pine Island, Morris Point Gap, in front of Zippel Bay and Archie's Reef near Long Point. Some anglers are still headed north to Crow Duck and Little Oak fishing rocky areas. Lots of trophy walleyes in the mix. Northern pike in depths of 22-28 using spoons and shad raps. Hot colors bright, gold and orange.  Leeches along with crawlers and minnows working well.

On the Rainy River, anglers finding fish in 18-20 feet jigging. Areas like Lighthouse Gap and east of Timbermill park best. Pink and gold the hot colors.

Up at the NW Angle strong fishing continues.  On the MN side, good numbers of fish west of Little Oak Island.  Most drifting with crawler harnesses.  On the Ontario side, jig and minnow is the go to.  Big numbers of walleyes coming in.  18-24 feet of water has been the hot depth.  Smallmouth bass on fire in the shallows.  Musky opener this past weekend.  Muskies being caught and released around rocks, weeds and early summer spots.  More info at

Joe Henry | Executive Director | Lake of the Woods Tourism |

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