Breaking the rules... Eating my way across the Northwoods

Breaking the rules can be taken in many ways.   In my case, I have one of the "Outdoor" blogs here at ChicagoNow.   Its about fishing, hunting and the outdoors obviously.  I try to bring to my readers information from the outdoor industry and share some of my experiences while on the water or in the field.

But in this case of breaking the rules, let me talk about something that I do when I travel to do TV shows for Illinois Outdoors TV.

There are many destinations across the Midwest, or this country for that matter, that want to draw from the Chicago market.  It's said that the Chicago market is the second largest in the country.   When I travel to do TV shows, nearly 99% of the time I'll run into someone from the greater Chicagoland area whether it's another traveler or business owner.

Local tourism people are often more than glad to help me with dining while visiting their area.  Trust me here; I don't mind it at all.

Let's get to breaking the rules.

First of all, this is an outdoors blog.  I'm going to break the rules by not showing you fish photos in the gallery.  I'm going to show you food pictures that I've taken while on the road.  I've made many posts on Facebook and they seem to be pretty popular.  I get many comments and when I see someone in person, they often ask if all I do is fish and eat.

I guess I'm breaking the rules as well with regard to what I eat.  I won't lie to you.  My doctor feels I have a need to loose some weight.  I say, who doesn't?  And I'll follow up with, I still fit into a 2X shirt just fine.   I feel like I'm healthy and I'm a happy guy with what I do.  I am too old to have a desire to suffer the rest of my life being tied down to a diet of carrots and lettuce.  God will take me when my time comes.  So breaking the rules by NOT being on a constant diet to me is not all that bad.

Okay, in today's gallery are a load of photos of breakfasts, lunches or dinners that I've enjoyed.  Most all are from trips to the Northwoods in Boulder Junction, Mercer, Land O Lakes and other destinations where I've visiting to do TV shows.  Yes there are some from  other locations so I guess that's breaking another rule.  With that said, I am probably breaking still one more rule... too many photos.  You wouldn't believe how many I cut.

Breaking the rules is not all wrong.  As long as you're doing what you think is the right thing, just do it.  Don't worry about rules.

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