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Illinois Fishing Reprot by Chris Young IL DNR

Here's the latest Illinois Fishing Report on the DNR Site, I Fish Illinois  CLICK HERE

Pond Report by Ken HUSKER O'Malley

Hey Don, Bass have been very good early morning hours on area lakes. Floating Rapalas and small creature baits have worked best. Bass are very shallow ( as shallow as a foot of water) under floating weed mats. Key is working those baits parallel to shore (long casts a must) and keeping the bait in the strike zone along the edges of the weed mats. Bass have been ambushing minnows early. This is the first time this pattern has developed all summer.

Husker Outdoors
Water Werks Fishing Team

Rend Lake Fishing Report by Randy Cordray

LARGEMOUTH BASS Good Worms, black and blue jigs, minnows, and spinner baits. Fish in shallow bays near brush cover and bushes. Fish around bridges and along the rocks. Reports of fish being caught around Jackie Branch, Sandusky Cove, and below the dam. 14” minimum length limit, 6 daily creel limit. 1 fish daily creel limit in PONDS 14” minimum length.
CRAPPIE Excellent Jigs are working well. Quarter-Ounce pink and white tub jigs. Small & Medium Minnows. Meal worms. Fish the main lake drop off areas.  Try the Gun Creek Area. From shore fish near structures, hot spots are Jackie Branch, Sandusky,  Sailboat Harbor, Marcum coves, and Ina Boat Ramp. 25 fish daily creel limit with no more than 10 fish 10 inches or longer
BLUEGILL Good Crickets, worms, wax worms, meal worms, small jigs. Fish in the back of necks and on flat shallow banks and on the rocks. Try fishing shallow with crickets, worms or small jigs. From shore try Sailboat Harbor. 10 fish daily creel limit in PONDS. 
CHANNELCATFISH Excellent Sonny’s stink bait, Hoss’s Hawg Bait, leeches, night crawlers, and large minnows. Try the Waltonville Dam, Turnip Patch, Jackie Branch, and North Sandusky Day Use Area. Set line 3-4’ from the shore over rocks. Try leeches in moving water.  Drift fish the flats. 6 fish daily creel limit in PONDS.Jugs must be attended at all times while fishing.
WHITE BASS Fair Jig and curly tail grubs, inline spinners. Fish in shallow bays near brush cover and bushes. Fish around along the rocks and dropoffs. Reports of fish being caught around  the 154 bridges. 20 fish creel limit.No more than 3 fish 17” or longer daily
Information as of:  08/25/2014LAKE LEVEL: 408.35     AVERAGE POOL FOR THIS DATE: 405.57    WATER TEMP:  78°F

Use of a minnow seine, cast net, or shad scoop for bait collecting within 1000 yards downstream of the Rend Lake dam and spillway is prohibited.

Maps of the Fish Attractor tree locations along with GPS readings are available at the Rend Lake Corps of Engineers Project Office.  Contact Randy Cordray for more information at (618) 724-2493.  In order to maintain a cleaner recreation area, anglers and bow fishermen fishing below the dam are asked to return dead rough fish to the water.

Lake Shelbyville Report by Steve Welch

The water temps have went up some into the 81-83 range and the color remains very clear.

The crappie fishing remains about the same very good with the mid lake to south end producing the best. On main lake channel banks out on the end of down trees in at least 15-30 feet fishing a slip bobber rig and lively minnow set at 12-15 feet even with branches on the down trees. This has been my pattern for two months and will be the same for another three weeks or so. Once the water temps start to fall things will change as the bait will move into the coves.

We have been fishing for white bass once we get our limit of crappie and doing very well on points and channel banks. I use my side imaging to scan these areas and I am looking for anything I see that is about fifteen-feet down on the drop and then extends at that depth some forty feet straight off the drop into the middle of the channel. Plus I am looking on my side imaging for the exact size of white dots. The bigger dots are all buffalo and we have been catching them as well since they are mixed in with the white bass.

To catch the white bass and buffalo we are using a 3/4oz. Bomber Slab Spoon with one of Andy Roberts hand tied flies about a foot above the spoon. We get several doubles on the white bass doing this by just holding your rod once you get one and then in about ten seconds you will have a second. These are really big white bass that live their entire lives in deep water and all of them are pushing two-pounds or better. I am dropping the spoon right in the middle of the suspended school of whites and jigging it up and down watching for them to pick it up on the drop. Just on Sunday we caught about forty whites and our limits of crappie and about twenty buffalo from twenty to forty pounds.

Steve Welch

 Trails update at Starved Rock by Chris Young, IL DNR

Starved Rock State Park superintendent Mark McConnaughhay reports that trails east of the Visitor Center and Lodge are now open. The entire cleanup job is about one-third complete. Crews are now working to clear trails to St. Louis Canyon. The Riverside West Picnic Area will be reopened soon. Limbs and dead trees still must be cleared from the Main parking area and Visitor Center. Park roadways still require some debris removal.

Lake of the Woods MN Fishing Report by Joe Henry

Mixed methods bringing in limits this week. Charters still heading north to Garden Island and Crow Duck. A mix of down rigging and pulling spinners is working best. Archie's Reef also doing well down rigging in 34 feet. Hot rigs are fire tiger, UV pink, and sunset frenzy. Spinner fishing doing well in depths of 15-20. Also try just outside Lighthouse Gap using spinners tipped with crawlers or leeches and hammered gold spinners. Some reports in front of Graceton reef 22 ft and 5-6 miles straight out from Zippel Bay Gap jigging with frozen shiners.

 On the Rainy River, sturgeon season keep one open until September 30. Anglers finding them in 20' using crawlers. Smallmouth bass reports heading east towards Birchdale along shorelines.
 Up at the NW Angle, Little Oak and Four Blocks producing numbers of walleyes 25-30 feet using hammered gold on crawler or minnow harnesses. Muskie hunters doing well evening hours with brighter nights on small cowgirls. Target shorelines and weedbeds for best results.  Info on lodging and guides at

Joe Henry,  Lake of the Woods Tourism

Niagara NY Report by Bill Hilts Jr.

1.       Lake Ontario and tributaries – Action in the big lake has improved out deep but near shore fishing has been tougher due to an influx of cold water. That could change with the recent southwest winds, so keep that in mind if you head out to target salmon and trout. Capt. Jim Gordon of Appleton was doing well in the top 70 feet over 450 feet of water with N&D Cut Bait, a Pacific herring strip that is really taking the local fishing scene by storm. Best area for fishing has been from the 24 line to the 27 line for a mix of kings and trout. Gordon’s catch this day was 14 salmon and trout, split down the middle on species. Karen Evarts at The Boat Doctors is reporting that it has been tough to keep the cut bait available due to demand this time of year. With mature kings starting to knock on the doorstep of local tributaries, cut bait and flasher-fly are at the top of the list for getting kings to hit. For Richard Acer of Appleton, he decided to try a Zara Spook plug behind an E-Chip flasher to take a 31 pound, 2 ounce salmon off the 30 Mile Point area east of Olcott. The fish won the Grand Prize in the Fish Odyssey Derby (after a special drawing of all first place winners) last Sunday and it continues to lead the Lake Ontario Counties Fall Derby that ends on Monday at 1 pm.  He was fishing with Larry Bowerman of Lockport, who caught his own first place Odyssey fish – a 14 pound, 7 ounce steelhead out of Olcott. He caught it on an old Northern King spoon. Olcott also produced the first place carp, a monster 36 pound, 9 ounce fish reeled in by Karen Cinelli of Newfane while fishing the harbor area with eggs. Over on the Niagara Bar, Roger Turton of Sanborn was the top laker taker with a 22 pound, 4 ounce fish taken on a spin-n-glow. James Kitner of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania took first place in the walleye division with an 11 pound 6 ounce fish, also coming from the Bar, on a worm harness. First place bass was a 5 pound, 9 ounce smallie reeled in by Dave Muir of North Tonawanda. He was fishing Lake Erie off Sturgeon Point. In the Junior Division, Grand Prize winner was Ethan Long of Batavia with a 24 pound, 3 ounce carp. Other top fish catchers were Matt Miller of Ohio with an 18 pound Olcott salmon; Jennifer Willms of Sanborn with a 9 pound, 10 ounce Olcott trout; Peter Campbell of Niagara Falls with a 4 pound, 11 ounce Niagara Bar bass; Abigail McGrath of Niagara Falls with a 1 pound, 3 ounce Lake Erie perch; and Steven Moskaluk of North Tonawanda with an 8 pound, 11 ounce Lower Niagara River walleye. Acer is still leading the Lake Ontario Counties Fall Derby for the $25,000 Grand Prize, which ends on Labor Day. Other divisional leaders are Patrick Stuck of Indiana with an 18 pound, 9 ounce steelhead from Point Breeze and David Rowe of Painted Post with a 16 pound, 15 ounce brown trout, also reeled in from the Point. Check out for updates. Tip of the week comes from 7 year old Christjin Skilton of Lockport while watching Capt. Bob Cinelli of Newfane win a knife at the Fish Odyssey Awards ceremony and proceed to slice his finger as he inspected its sharpness: “That’s why you’re not supposed to play with knives mister!”

2.       Lower Niagara River – Bass have been snapping consistently thanks to the influx of cold water along the Lake Ontario shoreline. When that happens, smallmouth will scramble into the warmer Lake Erie waters flowing down the river. On Monday, Chad Brachman of Sanborn was fishing with his 9 year old daughter Olivia and Jay Danielwicz of Sanborn using crabs along the Coast Guard drift. Their smallest fish was three pounds. The biggest was 22 inches long! Similar success was being enjoyed by several of the local guides taking advantage of the situation. The same general area also produced some monster muskellunge in the past week – one 51 incher and a second 52-1/2 incher. Both were released to fight another day. Walleye are also available for those willing to put your time in. Worm harnesses are the most effective bait, drifted off three-way rigs in the river or off the mouth on the Niagara Bar. In the Niagara River Anglers walleye contest last Saturday, it was Joe Augustyniak of Niagara Falls topping the 39 anglers with a two fish catch of 16.48 pounds. His total included the big fish for the tournament, a 9.88 pound walleye from the bar on a worm harness with copper blades. Second place was Jamie Brolinski with 12.90 pounds for two fish. Third place was Steve Majka of Niagara Falls with 12.40 pound. He was fishing with Augustyniak. They also boated a five foot long sturgeon while fishing for walleye – a nice surprise. Sturgeons are protected so they must be release immediately. The access road at the New York Power Authority is still closed for the fishing platform, but NYPA announced that they will be reopening the pier on Sept. 5 … with a caveat. NYPA will be funding a shuttle from Lot C at the Power Vista to the platform from 7 am to 5 pm every half hour. No pedestrian traffic is allowed on the road. No alcohol is allowed on the shuttle. Call 286-6661 for more info. For updates on the construction call 796-0135 Ext. 45.

3.       Upper Niagara River – Bass action continues to be the most consistent fishing available. Shiners and crabs work best, but worm harnesses will also catch fish. Tube jigs or drop shot rigs also work. Use three-way rigs to entice bass to hit. Some musky are also available for anglers and John Syracuse of Newfane connected with a nice fish around Strawberry Island recently using a black spinnerbait with an orange blade. Unfortunately, he had local pastors Dave Emmons and Nate Hlad of Newfane in charge of the netting. In classic Laurel and Hardy style, they managed to miss the fish and watch it swim away unharmed … sporting new jewelry to show off to its friends. Sounds like they need to read the Book of Peter again. No reports on shore fishing but be aware that there is some construction going on at Broderick Park.

Bill Hilts, Jr.Niagara USA Tourism


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