Tips for the Camping Season

Tips for the Camping Season

We have just experienced the 4th of July holiday weekend and if you are a camper you may have a trip or two already under your belt.  So regardless if it’s you’re first trip of the year or one of many, it’s always good to plan ahead and prepare.

Whether it’s tent camping or pulling a pop up, hard side, or even driving the motor home to your camping destination, it’s best to open everything up for a trial run well in advance.  Nothing could be worse than to find that water lines on your camper split over the winter or you just cannot find one of the tent poles.

Set up a campsite in your own backyard or on the driveway.  Make sure that everything is working and all of your necessary items are where they should be so that you’re not surprised when you reach the campground.

Going beyond the camper or tent itself, line up the pots, pans, utensils, sleeping bags, cleaning items, etc.  Check out the small containers that you may have of salt, pepper and other seasonings.  Towels, soap, and rain suits should also be ready to go.  Don’t forget the toilet paper and bug spray.

If your first trip of the year happens to fall over a weekend, it might be best to make reservations at the campsite that you want to visit.  Weekends are popular and holiday weeks are busy times of year for camping so locking in a site ahead of time will eliminate you’re driving from campground to campground to find a place to stay.

Good family destinations when you have the young ones are sites like the Yogi Bear Jellystone Park campgrounds or KOA campgrounds.  In a survey that I reviewed it was learned that eight out of ten campers prefer to stay at family oriented campgrounds.  Mainly it is because camping is very popular with young families and these types of campgrounds suit their needs and less expensive than motels.

Campers also appreciate the fact that they have many activities for all to enjoy and for that reason families seem to be very comfortable staying at franchise facilities.  They really does take a lot of the guess work out of the decision when trying to determine if a facility lives up to its advertisements found in brochures and online.

The franchise campgrounds do have high standards and if you’re traveling to a new destination this year, you can be confident that your stay there will be enjoyable.

Quite often when families make a selection for a camping destination, they may have an idea of a place to visit outside of the campground.  So let’s say that mom and dad want to take the kids to the Wisconsin Dells and it would be the first time to camp in that area.  A franchise would be a good choice because you could have the confidence that it will be clean, well organized, have all the necessary facilities that you would like to see at a campground and most of all no unwanted surprises.  Many of these also have shuttles to the main attractions outside of the campground area.

Fishing is often part of the fun of going camping and when searching for a campground, checks on the amenities on the web.  See if fishing ponds are on site and try to learn a bit about it before your trip so that you can have the right gear and the right bait.
If you cannot find the information on the web, make sure you ask about fishing when you call for reservations.  Ask if the pond is catch and release, if there are any additional fees, and if live bait is available at the camp store.

If there is no fishing at the campground itself, find out what kind of fishing may be available nearby.  If you’re a tent camper, find out if you are allowed to park you boat trailer at your site.  The more questions you ask the better off you’ll be.  This is probably the best thing that you can do when getting ready for that first trip or any camping trip this summer.  Ask a lot of questions.  I’ll give you a little example of why you should.

I visited a campground and after a few questions decided did not stay there.  I had no reservations so it was one of those times where I had to drive from one facility to the next until I found one.  This is definitely not recommended.  But I did find out when asking about the sites that no campfires were allowed at this one particular campground.  Wow, is that crazy or what?  Camping without a campfire?  How do you make Smores for the kids?

Getting ready for that first trip or the next takes a little effort but it will make your trip more fun.  There are nearly thirty million campers and RV owners in this country so needless to say it is a very enjoyable way to travel.  For a savings over other forms of travel, a family can save from twenty-five the seventy-five percent by enjoying the outdoors from a campsite.

Check out the camping possibilities on the web and you’ll be quickly convinced that great camping under the stars is really not that far away.

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