I get lucky once and awhile

I get lucky once and awhile
John Altschwager of the White Birch Village with a nice walleye makes the cover of MidWest Outdoors Magazine

Besides being an outdoor blogger for ChicagoNow, I also write for MidWest Outdoors Magazine.

Each month I'll have a column there on fishing or hunting.  This month I got lucky.  Besides having my column featured, the photo that I sent in to accompany the story was used as their cover photo.

The photo of John Altschwager, owner of the White Birch Village Resort in Boulder Junction Wisconsin.  It's a beautiful resort but what's really nice are the fish you can catch there.

When I was up there with a number of outdoor writers, John had a rare moment where he was able to get on the water.  This is when he caught a really nice 22 inch walleye, a bigger than average eating sized fish.

Well, like I said, I do get lucky once and awhile.  Being able to go on this trip was great.  And getting a nice photo of John and his prize walleye made it even better.

John's photo is featured with this blog and to see my blog story on this trip CLICK HERE.

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