My week starts at the Wildcat Lodge in Boulder Junction WI

What a great start for a trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin.   Although I was up here a couple weeks ago, this time is for a week of great fishing out of the Wildcat Lodge in Boulder Junction Wisconsin.

My wife Judy and I arrived on Friday evening.   Several friends of ours were joining us up there.  Let me start by saying Orlowski, Sowinski, Novak (changed form a true Polish version years ago), Wright (again, a name change).

There would be quite a few Polish friends plus a handful more of those wishing they were Polish, even for a day.  That sparked the idea of POLISH FEST; an evening of culinary delight bringing family and friends together to enjoy some Polish food.

We enjoyed some great fishing so far on Wildcat Lake catching Bass, both largemouth and smallmouth. And after a long day of fishing, there's nothing better than a big meal, especially when it's "comfort food".

Here are some pics that I took at POLISH FEST and of the items we had.  How many can you identify?

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