Calling All High School Fishing Clubs

Here's something that came across my desk and it's something that should spark some interest.   If you're a High School fishing coach or a team or club member at your High School, spread the word on this one because the folks at Berkley want you on the Berkley Team.

This came to me from Roxanne Coleman from Pure Fishing.

Now is the time to register your high school fishing team for the 2015 Berkley® High Fishing Club Challenge.

If you participated last year you know the fun we had with the monthly challenges and all the great prizes available throughout the season. The opportunity to win first, second, or third place in the challenge can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your clubs arsenal of fishing supplies.  If you are new to the Berkley High Challenge don’t miss this great opportunity to team with the most notable brand in the fishing tackle industry - BERKLEY.

The Berkley High Challenge promotes the joy of fishing while learning techniques to develop the skills to create lifelong anglers. Your club can be big or small, skilled or novice, freshwater or saltwater, or can fish for any species. It’s not about the biggest or the most fish, it’s about the joy of the sport.

We don’t focus on tournaments but we are launching the new year now, in June, so that we can follow and reward your team’s summer time fishing activities .

But all that will come later. Now is the time to sign-up.

Go to the Berkley website home page and click on the trophy photo to get started now.

Please pass this registration information to anyone you know who is a high school fishing coach, parent of a fishing club student, teachers at high schools;  Anyone who has contact with a high school fishing team.  Only the team coaches should register.

To qualify for the program:

If you answer NO to any of the following questions, your club is not eligible for the Berkley High School Fishing Challenge.

1.    Our fishing club is or will be a high school club. (Middle or elementary schools are not eligible for this program.)

2.    I am the coach or mentor of the high school fishing club or I am planning to start a high school fish club within the next two months.

3.    All of our fishing club members are or will be students of a single high school.

4.    The fishing club is affiliated with or approval by the school as an after school activity or is fully sanctioned by the school. (Off campus high school age fishing clubs do not qualify for this program.)

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