Seeing Structure

A friend sent a link to me that was from the website.   It's about photos from high tide and low tide.

I find the photos quite interesting and helps prove the point that I've talked about in many seminars.   Take a look at the photos.  By clicking on each one you'll see what the immediate area looks like under high and low tide periods.

We don't have tides in our inland lakes, but there are times throughout the years where some lakes and especially rivers, where we can see whats on the lake or river bottom under low water conditions.

If we take notice of that, and photos to help us remember what we've seen, it would surely help picking a spot to fish or eliminating that spot from the list of those where we might have fished when the water is up.

Structure is simply the make up of the lake or river bottom.  Logs, trees, rocks, gravel, mud, drop offs, flats, weeds and docks are a small example of pieces of structure that make up the composition of a lake or river.  Like in a house, windows, doors, walls, stairs, and furniture all make up the structure of that home.

Think for a moment of the structure of a home.  You go to the upper level  using stairs.  You go from one room to another using doorways.  Fish, in rivers and lakes relate to structure too.   Fish will move from their homes to the shallows to feed, spawn, etc.   They don't just go from point A to point B.  They swim around rocks, weed edges, drop offs, etc. to make their way to their destination.

Although this is quite generally speaking, I think you get the idea.  So again, click on the photos and I think you'll easily see that some spots can be very good fishing locations while others may not hold a fish.

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