Jerky... I like it

Jerky... I like it
Photo courtesy Perky Jerky

I am asked to review many products.  They range from a fishing lure to driving a pickup truck or SUV.  Rods, reels, clothing items, and outdoor tools have been on the list.  Some I'll check out, while others I'll just say, Thanks but no thanks."

One rep company contacted me and asked if I'd like to sample some "Perky Jerky".

Now I'm sure many of my readers who may follow me of Facebook know that I enjoy eating, dining out and trying new things.  But jerky is a little something else.  Let me explain.

Jerky can be overly salty.  Having to deal with high blood pressure, that's something I don't need.  I do like jerky though and for a few reasons.

I like the taste.  I find it a great way to use wild game.  I've made jerky from venison, wild turkey, goose, duck, and even salmon once.  That was tricky.  I've used beef as well.

In all cases I used less than required salt and it worked out fine.   Jerky is a good thing to have especially when out hunting or in the boat fishing.  There's no real need to take care of it because once it's in a package all you need to do in bring it along and you have something to eat while walking in the woods, sitting in a blind or fishing out of your boat.

Packaged jerky is even better.  Less hassle.  Think abiot it; it's packaged, done, and ready to eat.  That's convenient.  Too, the companies that make jerky often have several flavors to choose from.  That means you can have what you like and if you're buying it for others who you hunt or fish with as well, store-bought jerky gives you the variety you need.

As a co-host of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio show we had a couple of jerky sponsors over the years.  My partner Jim DaRosa and I have been able to sample jerky from mild to some so hot you must have a glass of milk nearby.  There's always been an assortment of flavors and maybe we can consider ourselves as connoisseurs of jerky.

Now I've had some store-bought jerky that's been pretty bad.  By that I mean the meat is so tough you couldn't do anything but gnaw on the piece forever.  Again, some were so salty that I've thrown the remainder in the package away.  Too, I don't like jerky that's greasy in your hand.

Perky Jerky provided me with some of their Teriyaki Ultra Premium Beef Jerky and the Sweet and Spicy Turkey Jerky.   I'd like to simply say that I've sampled both but must take that a step further.   I've nearly emptied the packages of both.    As I write this blog, I'm nibbling on some and there's only a little left.

First of all, there are no greasy or oily fingerprints on my keyboard.  Even though the Perky Jerky is moist it's dry enough to be well preserved and easy to enjoy without having a napkin in hand.

The flavors of the two that I have are different and unique.  There's no after taste from either.  Both, however moments after eating a piece gives you a slight reminder of what you just ate.  It's not an aftertaste at all.  I guess it's just a short lived lingering of flavor that's pleasant and enjoyable.

I will be honest with you if you're a jerky eater.  The Sweet and Spicy Turkey has a kick to it from the moment you put it in your mouth.  I like it.  It's not like you have to work on the piece of meat to get some flavor out of it.  And the sweet and spicy that Perky Jerky came up with, I'd say it's  a winner.  Somehow, they've been able to divide the flavors and separate them as you chew.

As you chew on the jerky you quickly get those tangy, spicy juices flowing then it switches gears some and there's a sweetness that breaks loose.   It's a party in your mouth.  I'll say it again, I like it.

Many jerky lovers are use to wrestling with every piece.  That's not the case with either the Ultra Premium Beef or Turkey that I sampled.  I like the texture.  Both were made with tender pieces of meat that have what I'd label as the perfect cuts for easy jerky eating.

If you pick up a package you'll see that it says that it's gluten free, has no preservatives and no nitrites.  The flavors include Original, Sweet & Spicy, Teriyaki and Hot & Bothered.   Hot & Bothered?  I like a little heat.  I have to try that one for sure.

So this is my review of Perky Jerky.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 9.

Now you may be wondering why a 9 and not a 10.  Did I just not write a pretty positive review on the jerky?  Well, I cannot give it a 10 because of one fault.  It's so good  it goes fast... too fast.  Perky Jerky is good jerky... I like it.




Perky Jerky is not a sponsor of Illinois Outdoors.

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