Like Chicago, Boulder Junction has snow

Chicago has been hammered with snow this winter.   We're creeping up to 70 inches so far of that white stuff and well, you'd think we'd be use to that by now.

I'm up in Boulder Junction Wisconsin this week.  I got to drive for a couple hours through freezing rain then the last half hour a snow fall that was close to bringing on white out conditions.

I'm okay with all that.  Coming up to the Northwoods of Wisconsin during the winter has been something on my bucket list, probably every since I was a kid. Now its an annual event for me.

I have Cheese in my blood.  Mom, Grandma and a few other relatives were all born up here and spent most of their younger days in the northern part of the state.

I'm up here to enjoy myself and am having a good time so far.

Right now, the snowmobiling community is having a blast.   I'm seeing more snowmobiles than cars and trucks.  Look in the parking lot of any bar or supper club and you'll see dozens of sleds parked out front of every one.

I was surprised to see that Boulder Junction has about as much snow as we have in Chicago.  The only difference is this week's warm temps and rain washed away a lot of our show.  Up here it has stayed cold and the snow is still piled high along the roadways.

This morning I took a few photos of the Wildcat Lodge where I'm staying.  You can see that there's no lack of snow or icicles here.  The roadways leading to the lodge and in town on County M are plowed quite nicely  and I was glad to see that.

Enjoy the photos.  Yes they may bring on a little chill, but my wife and I are enjoying the blaze in our fireplace.

Going to Frozen Tozen on Saturday,  a winter fest being held in Boulder Junction's winter park.  Ice golf, turkey bowling, snowshoe races and more are among the many activities that will be going on all afternoon.  I'll be capturing some video on the event for Illinois Outdoors TV.


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