My Top 10 outdoor plans that didn't happen because of the flu

My Top 10 outdoor plans that didn't happen because of the flu
Wager, also frustrated because he could not get out hunting, decided to crawl into my daughter's bed for a nap.

Getting the flu is one thing.   Having it around the Holidays is another.  But when one enjoys the outdoors, the flu can really throw a monkey wrench into your plans.

Fishing and hunting seasons are limited no matter what part of the country you live in.  Just for an example, Duck hunting in this area seems like it came and gone so quickly.  Now we have the Goose season still open but it too will end on the 31st of this month.

Ice fishing here in Northern Illinois has been close to non-existent for the past couple years due to ever-changing weather.  We depend on safe ice so we can enjoy that sport.  This year so far has been great.  But how long will it last?

I’m finally getting over the flu.  I’m still not real excited about spending any great length of time outdoors because I’m just not at 100% yet.

Now just to mention things can get screwed up, here are my Top 10 outdoor plans that didn’t happen because of the flu.

1)     Wanted to go out pheasant hunting at Rooster Heaven with my daughter Lisa and our German Shorthaired Pointers Wager and Profit at least one more time before the year ended.    Didn’t happen.

2)    Wanted to hunt at Grundy’s Honkers property by Braidwood Lake with Jim DaRosa and Ken Ingo.  Ducks were outstanding this year.   Now the season is closed.   Didn’t happen.

3)    Wanted to get a TV show on the duck hunting for Illinois Outdoors TV.  Didn’t happen.

4)    Wanted to hunt for geese in southwestern Will County with Jim DaRosa and his bud Jim Brown.  Didn't happen

5)    Wanted to get a TV show on the goose hunting for Illinois Outdoors TV.  Didn’t happen.

6)    Wanted to get out to Nielsen’s Channel to do some ice fishing when we got safe ice.   Didn’t happen.

7)    Wanted to get some of that great chili at Hermann’s Lowlife Bar and Grill after an ice outing at Nielsen’s Channel.    Didn’t happen.

8)    Had plans to take a trip up to Boulder Junction Wisconsin for crappie fishing on Big and Little Kitten Lakes at the Wildcat Lodge.   Didn’t happen

9)    Wanted to get a TV show on the ice fishing and snowmobiling in the Northwoods.  Didn’t happen.

10)    Got a small pond that’s a mile and a half from my home that I’ve caught bass and panfish from in open water.   Big plans to get out there and cut a few holes with my new power auger and jig up some crappies, maybe even a bass.  This would have been great for a quick trip that’s only minutes away.   Didn’t happen.

Well some fun outdoor plans and getting some work done too had to be put on hold.

I’m not giving up thought.  It’s 2014.  It’s a new year, I’m starting to feel better, and I think we’ll have plenty of ice for awhile.   I’m sure I’ll get out at least a couple times for the goose hunting before the end of the month.  I know I’ll get on the ice and be able to crank up that new auger.

Although the flu got me down, I am determined that it will not keep me down for much longer.

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