I'm missing Chicago's snow while in Captiva Island Florida

Yesterday Jim DaRosa and I arrived at Captiva Island in Florida.  It's located just outside of Ft. Myers.   Our brides joined us for this trip that  was planned with some good, no, great timing.

We're missing the Chicago snow with some fantastic weather.   It hit 78 degrees today while Chicago struggled with snow, wind, and below freezing temperatures.

We're staying at the South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island.   It's beautiful and South Seas is a wonderful host.   But many thanks go out to the Lee County Visitors and Convention Bureau.  They're the ones who set it up so the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers can hold their winter board meeting at this beautiful destination.  Jim and I, along with co-blogger Dan Stefanich are on the Board of Directors.

I took a few snapshots so far and they can be seen in this gallery.  The best is yet to come though.  After our meetings are over Jim and I will be fishing the flats and some canals.  Redfish, peacock bass, trout and a host of other saltwater fish will be chased as well as largemouth bass.

More photos to come so check back to see how we do.

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