2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 — a true outdoorsman's truck

I'm busy in the fall— deer hunting, pheasant hunting, cutting firewood, and working. So when I had the opportunity to try out Chevy's newest pickup truck for a couple weeks during hunting season, I put it to the test.
Let's start with deer hunting. The Chevy half-ton towed my ATV trailer with ease utilizing the trailer-tow package. We hunted in pouring rain opening day of deer season in Southern Illinois, so needless to say conditions were wicked nasty. The rear differential gave us the towing power we needed to pull the quad trailer through muddy fields. Even in nasty conditions, the Z71 handled like a car, not a truck in muddy, off-road terrain. The bed, with a rubber spray-on liner, has strategically placed rings so we could tie our coolers and gear conveniently and keep our gear from bouncing around the bed. The non-slip rubber liner was also easy to climb around in, giving us good traction even once the rain turned to freezing rain.  Another sweet feature is the rear camera. It gave me a perfect picture and enabled me to back the truck up to the quad trailer unassisted, and put if right on the money every time I hitched up.

After deer season, we had a family pheasant hunt on the agenda. On a cold, crisp morning after Thanksgiving, the Silverado comfortably hauled two adults and two big teenagers, and all of our gear, to get us off the beaten path so we could put some birds in the bag. After we limited out on pheasants, we held a family photo shoot in the bed of truck. As we got ready to pile in, I noticed and appreciated two of the coolest features on the back are the truck. One is a footstep built into the rear bumper to aid in stepping up into the bed. The next is more of a safety feature than one of convenience — the slow-drop tailgate. Finally I can drop a tailgate without worrying about bashing one of my kids head in. Instead of the tailgate slamming down after lifting the handle, it gently drops down utilizing hydraulics. After all that, I had a little firewood to cut, and the Silverado helped out there too.

When all of my outdoor fun was over, sadly enough I had to go back to work. But the Silverado was luxurious enough for me to take some clients to lunch in style.  Heated seats, power, well everything, and a quiet interior make this truck perfect for the outdoorsman or businessman. Starting at around $25,000 msrp, the Silverado line is hard to beat.  The 2014 Chevy Silverado is one of the toughest, most luxurious, and most reliable all-purpose trucks on the market. So if you need a truck that's tough enough for all of your outdoors and hauling needs but comfortable enough for the entire family, get out and test drive one of these badass trucks now.

Get more info at www.chevrolet.com/silverado

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