Hunting, bonding, good times

Hunting, bonding, good times
Birds are plentiful for successful hunts at Rooster Heaven. This photo was taken at their pen.

On Sunday, my daughter Lisa and I had the opportunity to bond in the outdoors during a hunt at the Rooster Heaven Hunt Club.

Its good to be in the outdoors with your kids but don't wait as long as I did.  When you're children are old enough to hunt or fish, get them outdoors and enjoy it as much as you can.

Lisa and I hunted with her German Shorthaired Pointers Wager and Profit.  They're good hunting dogs and sometimes I wonder, who enjoys the time in the field more, them or me?

I won't try to hide it and will admit, I'm not as young as I used to be.  When I first stated hunting, a buddy and I would leave the house at sun up and not return until the sun was going down.  We spent hours in the field hunting wild birds.

Now, being older (and wiser) I enjoy taking the advantage of belonging to a hunt club.  Don't misunderstand this though.  Hunting a a preserve doesn't mean that there are birds everywhere and it's like shooting fish in a barrel.  It's still a 100% hunt.  You need a dog which is half the fun anyway.  I enjoy watching them work.

A hunting club offers you grounds to hunt.  And with having hunters there day in and day out, wild birds would be wiped out in only a few days.  At a preserve, the birds are released based on the numbers you want to hunt.  To have 5 or 10 birds released per hunter is not uncommon.  And it could take you all morning to find them.  Preserve hunts are no different that hunting in the wild.  Wind, cover, weather all has a play in it.  But when hunting at a club like Rooster Heaven, your chances are good of finding birds

What else is nice is that they offer not only pheasants, but also quail, chukar, and Hungarian partridge.

Yesterday we harvested pheasants and partridges.  We had to walk for them. but if I walked 3 miles, our dogs ran 12 or more.

There's nothing better than watching a dog working in the field.  When they lock up on a point you can get ready for the shot.  It's amazing to see the dog on point and you cannot see a thing in the cover.  Even though the dog is telling you..  "It's right in front of me." you have to kick the grass and weeds to get the bird to bust.

I enjoy the hunt and spending time my with daughter.  It seems like we talk more while in the field or while in the truck heading out or going home.  Memories together will be with both of us for a long time.  Hunting, bonding and good times are out there but you have to make it happen.

Get into the fields this fall because "Great hunting is not that far away.".

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