Up in the Northwoods Update and More Photos

It's time for our annual trip to the Boulder Junction area of Wisconsin.  My daughter Lisa and I have made this trip together for the past three years.  It's in the Northwoods.  We stay at the Wildcat Lodge and that puts us about 10 minutes away from the UP.

We don't have to travel that far though to find some good fishing.

If you've read my previous post on fishing deep for crappies, I must tell you that it works.   Even miles away from my home waters.

The Wildcat Lodge is located on the shores of Big and Little Kitten Lakes.   Little Kitten connects to Wildcat Lake.  All three are Class A Muskie waters however we were in pursuit of crappies.   We've learned that the crappie fishing has been good lately and we more than determined to get our share.

Like was mentioned in my other post, we had to go deep.   We found our fish in over 20 feet of water.  They were stacked up from top to bottom.  And it's on the bottom where we found the fish that were biting.

Using a light jig tipped with a crappie minnow we'd drop the bait to the bottom and give the reel one or two cranks.  The fish that were suspended wouldn't bite.  The ones off the bottom were hungry and fell for our presentation again and again.

We moved around some and got some bass and bluegill.  Lisa is happy to say that she got her first walleye.   It was a beautiful 22 incher.

The crappies ranged from 10 to a bit over 12 inches.  Bass were decent.  We got them on stick worms fished wacky worm style.

Let me share some of the photos that we too.  Watch in November for a new Illinois Outdoors TV show that Lisa and I taped on the crappie fishing.

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