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Kankakee River Report from Ken HUSKER O'Malley

Hey Don, I waded the Kankakee over the weekend. River is low and very clear. Because of the grass and moss, you are really limited to the number of baits you can throw. The top water bite for smallmouth was on fire during the morning hours. Baits without rattles produced best because of the clear water. Working the baits along current seams were key. Once the top water bite ended, minnow imitating plastics on 1/0 keeper hooks worked very slowly produced a few more bass. Here are a few (photos) of the average bass being caught.

Husker Outdoors
Water Werks Fishing Team

Niagara Fishing Forecast for Friday, Oct. 25, 2013 by Bill Hilts

1.       Lake Ontario and tributaries –Fishing in the tributaries received some benefits with the recent rains. Combined with the fact that Capt. Jim Gordon of Appleton finally pulled his lake fishing boat for the season in Olcott, better runs of salmon and trout have started to arrive at Burt Dam. Gordon insists that the fish wouldn’t swim by his boat into 18 Mile Creek for fear of being caught! Salmon and brown trout are the most popular catches, but a few domestic rainbows have arrived on the scene, too, according to Wes Walker at The Slippery Sinker in Olcott. The water flow is good and the water is stained but fishable at the Dam. Egg sacs, skein or egg imitations are the best baits to use. It seems like fresh fish are showing up every couple of days and the cold rain will help for sure. If the salmon are in heavy, the browns seem to stay away. When salmon numbers are lighter, the browns come in – or so it seems. Also, Olcott Harbor browns seems to be doing better the first couple of hours of reduced light. Pier fishing has been tough because of the north winds. When you can get out – either Wilson and Olcott – you can catch fish on spoons or spinners. Eggs under a float will also work. Perch will hit when the minnows are in and the waters are clear.

2.       Lower Niagara River – Over in the Niagara River, Danny and Caroline Monteon of California were treated to some pretty darn good fishing for a half-day of action earlier this week. They had won a trip with Capt. Frank Campbell as part of a Today Show contest to fish the lower river and they ended up catching six different species of fish including a nice 10 pound steelhead, a 15 pound salmon, several four pound smallmouth bass and a 12 pound lake trout – which was released immediately due to the fact that the season is closed. In fact, all the fish were released to fight another day. They used Kwikfish in the river with a silver body and chartreuse nose the most productive. Out in the lake at the Bar, shiners worked best on the bass. Outside of that flurry, fishing has been tough. Shore fishermen have been doing okay in Devil’s Hole, especially in the slower water area at the head of the drift. Some action was reported off Artpark. Remember that the NYPA fishing platform is only open on weekends due to the construction and the facility normally closes down the first sign of ice or Nov. 1 – whichever comes first.

3.       Upper Niagara River – Smallmouth bass fishing continues to be decent around Strawberry Island and near the Huntley plant with live bait like golden shiners preferred by fish and fishermen. With water temps dropping six degrees this week, look for musky fishing to pick up. Capt. Chris Cinelli of Grand Island reports up to three hook-ups a day using big common shiners in the 7 to 9 inch size range attached to his quick strike spinner rig. Slow trolling them down stream over hump and other bottom structure works best. Others like to use large 8-10 inch tubes drifted along weed edges or drop offs. Broderick Park, the Bird Island Pier and the foot of Ontario Street are all good spots for a mixed back of perch, panfish and bass from shore.

Bill Hilts, Jr. - Outdoor Sports Specialist
Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation
Fall Classic and 1st Points Qualifier-Current Roster by Adam Sandor

Here is the current roster for this upcoming weekends events:
It's not too late to sign up, please be sure to contact me ASAP if you're interested in fishing? Also we currently have only 2 teams in the NTC/Sidepot. So, if you plan on competing for a chance to earn an entry at next years National Team Championship in Green Bay. Please go to: https://bassfed.fatcow.com/TBF/httpsdocs/twf/sidepot/register/index.html and get registered right away. We need at least ten teams to hold a sidepot event.Hennepin Marine-Fall Classic 10/26/2013

1 Tom Giachetto Jr. & Tom Giachetto Sr.
2 Jerry Reyburn & Lanae Reyburn
3 Dave Hall & Jacob Hall
4 Chris Clemmons & Bob Hausler
5 Bob Jones & Steve Jones
6 Brian Mazur & Steven Jones
7 Gary Merkel & Taylor Merkel
8 Joe King & Doug Hall
9 Steve Sandor & John Smith
10 Ken Dage & Dawn Dage
11 Hank Rutkowski & Mike Rutkowski
12 Mike Kruswicki & Jason Wrosch
13 John Dalzot & Joe Perez
14 Steve Skupien & Jeremy Skupien
15 Cliff Banks & Leslie Banks
16 Max Actis & Mike Stuckert
17 Mike Hanson & Matt Wohead
18 Dave Zurawski & Dave Kleszyk
19 Dave Puetz & Glenn Daugherity
20 Ryan Feldott & Brandon Samolitis

Hennepin Marine, Inc.-1st Points Qualifier

1 Tom Giachetto Jr. & Tom Giachetto Sr.
2 Jerry Reyburn & Lanae Reyburn
3 Dave Hall & Jacob Hall
4 Chris Clemmons & Bob Hausler
5 Bob Jones & Scott Anzulas
6 Steve Jones & Steven Jones
7 Mark Mazur & Brian Mazur
8 Gary Merkel & John Smith
9 Steve Sandor & Paul Durdan
10 Ken Dage & Dawn Dage
11 Mike Kruswicki & Jason Wrosch
12 Ryan Vecchia & Bill Elliott
13 John Dalzot & Joe Perez
14 Joe Miller & Mark Komo
15 Gary Dominy & Ricky Perez
16 Robert Apple & Brad Linton
17 Scott Allison & Tim Horneman
18 Adrian Cliffe & Alfredo Garcia
19 Steve Skupien & Jeremy Skupien
20 Cliff Banks & Leslie Banks
21 Max Actis & Mike Stuckert
22 Mike Hanson & Matt Wohead
23 Dave Zurawski & Dave Kleszyk
24 Dave Puetz & Jason Thies
25 Ryan Feldott & Brandon Samolitis
26 Doug Hoster & Mark Hoster
27 Randy Carroll & Shawn O'Malley

By the way I would like to thank all of you who have sent in your entries early and made it a point to get registered for these events. It sure makes it easier and much more organized. We can't wait to kick off the new season!!!

Adam Sandor
Illinois Walleye Trail

Lake Shelbyville Report by Steve Welch

The wind has been blowing out of the west for a week and howling and the surface temps have dropped from 73 to 57. This has started the crappie movement into the shallows. I have been fishing a jig under a cork or a minnow under a cork no deeper than 30-inches for a week now. Before that I was bouncing back and forth from ten-feet deep on a jig to shallow but now I am just fishing shallow because it is very good and I am really seeing some big fish and lots of them.The bait has moved to the creeks and back of coves and the crappie have followed. Even though most are just jig fishing I am still chasing the shallow fish for the most part with a slip bobber and a big lively minnow. With so much bait in the area and the crappie's belly packed full of shad I am seeing more and bigger fish on minnows.The jig colors I am using are 1/8oz. Deep Ledge Jig in chartreuse with a plastic bait on it also in chartreuse and some other color like orange
or white.The crappie fishing will remain very good for the next 7 weeks or so and we routinely limit out on every trip. With stable weather and water
levels the crappie just go nuts.

The pictures are of Bill Carpenter, Bill Miksell and Joe Miksell holding up a four man limit of sixty and Joe holding up the same stringer caught on October 21st.

Steve Welch

Musky Fishing below Shelbyville by Austin Goody

Hey Don,  its me Austin. I just got back from Shelbyville and I just wanted to let you know how I did. I caught lots of little bass ranging from 12-15 inches no monsters. so with all of are friends we did a friendly completion from 8am to 4pm. the winner would have the heaviest bass and the longest Muskie. the pot would be a total of $ 50 a species. from8 till 2:30 no big bass were really biting so we got off the water and headed to the spill way to try for Muskie. I fished below the dam from 3 until 4. it was extremely crowded and I saw two Muskie already been caught. so I was determined to catch one to win. a guy moved and I took his spot, not even 5 casts later I had a Muskie come out of no where and demolish my bait. I hooked into him and told my dad to get the net. he did and with an amazing net job we got him. he ended up being 42in and had a girth of 16.5in. for a weight of 17lbs he was definitely my biggest Muskie. had a great time and cant wait to get another.  he was caught on a 6in Jake right next to shore. they definitely are strong fish and put up great fights. hope to see you soon!
Thanks Austin Goody oh ya, I caught him at 3:45

Chicagoland Muskie Hunters News by Dean Rosset

Hi Guys-Almost Christmas! Come join us——The Chicagoland Muskie Hunters chapter of Muskies Inc.

We meet the second Tues. of the month at the Park Ridge VFW (Higgins and Canfield) at 7:30. Meetings feature top speakers, fishing reports, favorite lake presentations by our members, muskie info sharing, door prizes and raffles. All are welcome!! Contact Dean—847-677-0017— or dlrosset@sbcglobal.net. Learn how to catch a muskie, or more muskies, or larger muskies, or join MI. All are welcome!

The Tues., Nov. 12 meeting will feature Robert Tomes, world class fly fisherman with a special interest in fly fishing for muskie. His enthusiasm and knowledge and manner of presentation make this a “don’t miss” meeting even if fly fishing isn’t your thing. Robert will discuss his coming new books re Fly Fishing for Pike and Beast Places to Fly Fish for Muskies .   Dean

Father and Son Team Win Ranger Boats PMTT World Championship On Lake St. Clair by Duane Landmeier

The best musky fishing professionals from all over North America competed for the biggest prize of the year the world championship on Lake St. Clair this past weekend.
The 35 teams fished what could be the best musky fishing destination in the world it was a perfect match. The weather cooperated with the anglers by bringing in upper 60 to low 70 degree weather with a mixture of sun on Saturday and clouds and wind on Sunday. There are always a few teams that figure out a pattern to catch the muskies no matter where the trail leads them to. This time it was the father and son team of Mark and Adam Follenweider of Palos Heights, IL. The two concrete contractors got away from work to fish this event and it paid off. They caught a 39’, 43.50” Hybrid Tiger and a 37 “on Sunday to take the win. The team used Shadzilla soft bodied baits in long weed beds that were in 6’ – 10’ of water close to marinas to entice their fish. The two men pre fished for two days and connected on a musky. They saw baitfish in the area and liked what they saw and worked these areas throughout the event to create their success. Mark quoted “The anglers that fish the Professional Musky Tournament Trail are such great individuals to meet and compete with they make you feel welcome and you learn so much. This is what it is all about.” The father and son team brought home the Ranger Boats World Championship trophies and a Ranger 619 Fisherman, Mercury Outboard and Ranger trail trailer valued at over $40,000. Congratulations to the father and son team they really made a memory to tell their friends and children and grandchildren for years to come! In second place were Spencer Berman and Matt Quintano the local fishing guides from St. Clair Shores, MI. with the Ranger Boats Big Fish of the day for Saturday a 47.75” Brute which also made them an extra $500. The two anglers also caught a 43.50”. These two gentlemen had a great year being the most consistent team of the year winning the prestigious Top Gun team of the year honors. Great job! In third place were two 18 year old brothers Jake and Alec Germann of White Bear Lake, MN. who caught three muskies a 34.75”, 35.75” and a 40.50” trolling crank baits. In fourth place were James Stella and Nick Cammarata who caught their fish on musky train Crank baits. Their muskies were 34” 37.75” and 40.50”. Rounding out the top five with a 41.75” and a 45” caught jigging bondy baits were Ross Korpela of Carlton, MN and Chad Mitchell of Inner Grove Heights, MN. The big fish of the day was caught by John Ryan and Howard Van Zant of the Schaumburg, Il. area.
Tournament Director Tim Widlacki thanked all of the PMTT` s fantastic sponsors, especially Ranger Boats for their continued support of not only the PMTT but the entire sport of musky fishing. Also thanks to Mercury Marine, Chaos Tackle, Eagle River Area Chamber of Commerce, Morehead Tourism Commission, Musky Hunter Magazine, Keyes Outdoors, Rollie & Helens Musky Shop, Musky Mayhem Tackle, Crash's Landing and all the associate and contributing sponsors. Please let these fine folks know that you appreciate their promotional efforts in support of freshwaters most challenging fish and those extreme anglers who chase her on the first, best and only truly National Professional Musky Circuit the PMTT!

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