Sheboygan... a close to home outdoors destination

Last week Illinois Outdoors TV headed north to Sheboygan Wisconsin to tape a TV show with Wolf Pack Adventures and the folks from Sheboygan Tourism.

Although I'm familiar with the Sheboygan area, I think that many outdoorsmen and women are not aware of what a fantastic outdoors destination it is.  Fishing, hunting, camping and more are all available in the Sheboygan area.   Fishing was on our agenda for the day.

Roy Kalmerton, his son Jerrad and I headed to Big Elkheart Lake which is just west of town.  Our plan was to tape some family-style fishing.  Our goal was to get some bull blugills and we accomplished just that.  We got gills, pumpkinseed, and some bonus largemouth bass.   The lake also has rock bass so we brought a few of them in the boat too.

Big Elkheart is really a nice lake.  Not too big, yet not too small.  The lake has given up catches of good sized walleyes and muskies too.  Some muskies taken from this lake were in the mid 50's class.

At the end of the day I headed to the Wolf Pack dock on the river as Pat Kalmerton was heading back in from the Lake.  He had a group from Canada out for salmon fishing.  They did well and I have a photo in this gallery of one client's fish... his biggest fish ever.

Lake Michigan has always been a big draw for Sheboygan and rightly so.  Water in the Big Drink drops off quickly to deep water not that far off shore.  Salmon and Trout are the target on the lake and it gives up many trophy sized fish.  For big lake tournament anglers, they'll find many salmon and trout tournaments based out of Sheboygan almost weekly.   However for those who want world class salmon and trout fly fishing, the Sheboygan River is the place to go.  Wolf Pack Adventures can guide you to small lake fishing, take you out on Lake Michigan, or bring you to the shall waters for wading and fly fishing.

For more information about the Sheboygan area, check out their website at  For more info on Wolf Pack Adventures, visit



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