Photos from Illinois Outdoors TV Shoot - Northwoods Cookin' at the Guides Inn

A few weeks ago I was in Boulder Jct. Wisconsin for a week of fishing.  I had a great time and caught a lot of fish.

The question always comes up, "What do you do with all the fish you catch?"

Well, I'm a big believer in catch and release.  But there are times when fish will make it to the freezer, but not for long.  Once I get some fish for the table, I enjoy cooking them for the family.

One of my favorite Northwoods restaurants in Boulder Jct. is the Guides Inn.  It's a great place for dinner.  Over the years I've gotten to know owner and executive chef Jimmy Dean Van Rossum.  Besides having great steaks and other items on the menu, Jimmy Dean also prepares some fantastic fish dishes. (See his menu at   His number one seller is Pan Fried Walleye.

Last year Jimmy Dean helped me do a couple TV segments where he showed my viewers how he prepared Pan Fried Walleye and Stuffed Walleye.  Well, this summer we got talking and agreed that with families coming to the Northwoods for their summer fishing vacations, very often there are days where the family does well catching a lot of panfish.  So with that, Jimmy Dean suggested that we do another TV segment on cooking perch.

From the video that was taken during the taping of this show, I grabbed a handful of frames to share some images from this shoot.  The show will air on Comcast Cable on the Total Living Network, channel 138 on August 3 at 8 AM.

FYI, the recipe is simple.  Fillets are cleaned and left with the skin on (scaled of course).  A pan of flour has onion and garlic powder mixed in.  You can add whatever seasoning you'd like.  The perch are dusted with the flour to dry them.  Then they're dipped in an egg and milk mixture to get the dusted fillets' sticky.  They're then put back into the flour mix.  From there, into a frying pan they go over medium heat.  Five minutes on each side and their done.  One thing that Jimmy Dean does is put a lid over the pan while they cook.  It helps keep the fish from absorbing the oil and making them greasy.

Jimmy Dean also shared with me his homemade Blackening Seasoning recipe.   I'll share that with you in another post.

Enjoy the photos and...  let them eat fish!




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