Fishing the Niagara River - Photos from Illinois Outdoors TV show

I had the opportunity to fish the Niagara River with Bill Hilts from Niagara Tourism and Matt Yablonski from Wet Net Charters.

What a great fishery the Niagara River is and what a variety of fish can be caught.  When I fished the Niagara, we taped an Illinois Outdoors TV show.  During the taping of the show we caught, smallmouth bass, lake trout, steelhead, domestic rainbow trout (naturally spawned in the area), stripers, drum, and one big ole catfish.

It was a great day on the water.  I fished the river in the  spring of 2012 and did equally as well then and that's what brought me back.  I learned that this river, along with Lake Ontario and the eastern portion of Lake Erie make the Niagara an excellent destination not only for a touring vacation, like seeing the Niagara Falls, but also for fishing.

I want to share some photos of our trip, frames from the Illinois Outdoors TV show that was done there.  Hope you enjoy them.  For more info on the Niagara area, visit the tourism website at

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