50 Inch Muskie Caught and Released at Shabbona

Denny Sands from Lakeside Tackle and Boat Rental at Shabbona Lake sent this over last night.   Sure seems like Shabbona Lake is one of Illinois' premiere fishing destinations found west of Chicago.

Note in Denny's message clarifies some info on the huge walleye that was caught recently at Shabbona.  Two monster fish caught in one week, plus an impressive fish rescue below the spillway last night, makes me want to get out the Shabbona ASAP.

Eric Peterson last night , July 17th, caught a 50" Muskie at Shabbona Lake. Fish was released.

It has been an outstanding few days for Eric, in that his (younger) daughter, Erica, caught an 9.8 Pound Walleye on Saturday, July 13th!!!

Here is what Eric wrote on Lakeside Blog:

Thanks for the credit but Charlise (His older daughter) reeled it in ... I had to hold it was too heavy for her.  Was fishing for another monster walleye got this bad boy as a bonus .... I know water temps not right to catch these giants so we got quick pic and back in the water swam away healthy went back down and didn't come back up. I waited around 10-15 min to be sure.  Should be out there for the next person ....

Denny Sands

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