Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports
Ken HUSKER O'Malley

Fishing report from Husker...

Hey Don,
I hit the DesPlaines over the weekend with a buddy. We launched from the conservation area. Water was too dirty from the recent rains, so we headed up river to the DesPlaines where we found cleaner water. We did well pitching plastics to isolated cover. Best wares was behind the refinery. We also picked up a few more bass in the marinas and backwaters.

I loved the pics from your trip to Mercer. Looked like a great time. Good fish and eats.    We need to get out together sometime soon.
Later - Husker

I've fished this area that Husker is talking about.  The 3 Rivers area is great for bass, catfish and bowfishing for carp.

Fishing Report from Steve Welsh

Best Bet......White bass and Crappie

The lake is still very high almost ten-feet. The water temps are hovering around 74-76 and the lake is very clear. I am still pulling bottom bouncers and spinners for sauger/walleye and catching crappie doing this as well. We pull a two-ounce bottom bouncer at about 1 mile per hour right on the drops of flats where stumps are present.The best blade colors are white and pink or chrome and blue. I have seen the sauger slow down over the last couple of days but I think it is because we have had rain and overcast. Since they are so deep I think full sun and light winds help. This puts them up under stumps on deep drops and they just run out and hammer your spinner when it comes by.

I am also setting up slip bobber rods to drift over brush up on the north end with minnows. We use the side-imaging to see if any crappie are in the tops of the brush and we set up a slip cork to drift over it with the wind. This is how I am catching most of my crappie now. The brush I am targeting is in about twenty-feet with brush up to about fifteen. The crappie are at about fifteen-feet deep anywhere you want to fish for them right now.

I finally saw busting white bass on Father's Day and we caught them pretty good. This will be the start of our annual surface explosion I hope. I am working on white bass most of the week. Flats that have abundant willows are your key areas. Anywhere from point five over to Bo-Woods. We saw them today and they looked like someone through a fillet into hot oil. They just boiled the surface and believe me if you have never seen this you should. They attack anything that hits the water. You look under your lure once you catch one and three more are trying to take it from him.

The shad are very small so you must keep your baits small. I am using a 1/8th oz. Little Dude in white and pink or my in-line spinner. A small Gayblade will also work. Just reel it right under the surface and hang on.

For more info give me a call.   Home is 217-762-7257 Cell is 217-840-1221

Steve Welch

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