Shelbyville fishing is back

A fishing report from Steve Welch

The water temps are running about 64 and everything is in the flooded willows because the spawn is on. I am catching 200 crappie a day mostly pitch black males and now male bass and walleye have moved into them as well. We even caught a muskie in them this past week.

Here is your problem, find the right water color on these willows. Parts of the main lake is very dirty and some coves are as well. Then you have coves on the south end that are gin clear. You find that perfect color and it is on.

I am fishing a slip bobber and a minnow set at about 15 inches for the crappie and a blade bait or a jig and twistertail for the walleye. The crappie want willows that don't get a bunch of wind on them and get full afternoon sun. The walleye want willows on points especially gravel points.

All in all the fishing is very good and a blast to get walleye from the willows.

Steve Welch


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