Walleye Open under ice - Update

Walleye Open under ice - Update
Photo by Tim France, Wildcat Lodge.

I recent made a post Will Wisconsin and Minnesota's Walleye Open Be Under Ice?  This afternoon, I received a phone call from Tim France, owner of the Wildcat Lodge in Boulder Jct., Wisconsin.  The thought of a walleye open under ice can be a reality for northern Wisconsin.

"We can't believe this." France said.   "We have about 3 feet of snow up here and the ice on Wildcat Lake is about 30 inches thick."

There's no argument that is one crazy spring up north.  And with having so much ice on the lakes, I feel very safe in saying that an icy walleye open will probably happen.

Walleye season in Wisconsin opens on Saturday, May 4.

France had heard that someone from up in Boulder Junction that some research has been done on weather patterns, temps, predictions, etc. and it was estimated that the area lakes will not be open until about the 14th of May.

I know that warm days, wind and rain will cut the ice quickly at this time of year.  But the forecast for the Northwoods shows that more snow is coming.

I booked my trip to the Wildcat Lodge in late June.  I've usually get up there earlier in June or late May.  Guess I picked the right dates for this year.   Can't wait.



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