Outdoor Women's Workshop coming to Starved Rock

On May 17, 18, and 18, the Starved Rock Lodge in Utica will be offering an Outdoor Woman Workshop.   Ladies, this will be the perfect time to trade in your to-do list for a weekend for yourself and your friends.

Have you ever wanted to pull back a bow and shoot an arrow?  How about the proper way to saddle a horse?  This is a 3-day fun-filled weekend where women from all over will gather and learn untraditional skills in a nonthreatening environment.

The list of things to do is quite long and you can select the skills you'd like to learn about.

Workshops that will be offered:

archery, basic fishing, wildflower floral arranging, backpacking, garden mosaics, geological walk of Starved Rock State Park, basic horsemanship, native tools & plants, photography, outdoor cooking, principles of fire making,  medicinal plants, women with power tools, edible plants, basket weaving, electricity.  Electricity?  That's not outdoors.  Well, let's say it will be a useful skill to learn about so you can spend more time outdoors.

Now here's the fun one to consider.   On Saturday only I'm gong to be at Starved Rock Lodge to show my group how to clean and cook fish.  I'll be covering some local fishing tips and cover the basics of fishing.   I'll have whole fresh fish on hand so each participant can grab a fillet knife and give it a try.  Once the fish are cleaned, I'll show you a couple ways that I like to cook fish on a camp stove.   Right now it looks like I'll be offering a morning and afternoon session. Each will be 2 - 2 1/2 hours long.

In addition to the workshops, 6 meals and 2 nightly activities (includes zip-lining) and transportation to all workshops are included.  Advanced sign-up and registration is necessary and there is a fee for this event.

For more information please call Edna at 815-220-7386.


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