Noon deadline for chance to Win a POV Camera

V.I.O makes a really neat Point of View camera and they're running a contest where the deadline is today, April 1, at noon.

A friend of mine just sent me this link   with the information and that this contest on Facebook will be ending in just a little while.  Click on the link and give it a shot.

Point of view cameras are getting so popular now in fishing, hunting, skiing, and just about any outdoor sport where you'd like to record the action and share with your friends on the web.   I want to win because this will work on my TV Show.   However, even though I want to win, I say good luck to all of you.

I checked V.I.O. out on the web and found this video on muskie fishing.  Pretty cool.



V.I.O is not a sponsor of Illinois Outdoors.

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