Crappies soon to come at Shelbyville

Crappies soon to come at Shelbyville
Don Dziedzina shows a nice crappie. Spring is finally here.

We have experienced a ton of water and the lake has finally crested at 609 and some change. That is nearly up to the high water ramps or nine feet over summer pool.. The north end is still very muddy on the main lake but coves with no feeder creeks are starting to become fishable. The south end is pretty clear and coves are as well. The crappie are trying to come to the bank but these cold fronts keep them in limbo. I have been seeing males with their spawn colors on in the last few days so that is a good sign. The water temps are running about 53-56. So we still need some sun and some warm nights. This week is going to help a bunch since we have three days coming in the mid seventies.

I am fishing about three-feet deep around flooded rootballs of down trees with a jig. We are using twelve-foot rods and swimming a jig around these stumps. They will just hammer that jig when they want it. We are using red and chartreuse baby shads with a 1/4oz. orange Deep Ledge Jig or a white Deep Ledge Jig with a Midsouth white and chartreuse tube. You heard right we are tight lining a 1/4oz. jig with three-feet of line out. I think they can just see that big jig better and you can swim it faster.

We are also fishing willows with a slip bobber and a 3/32oz. Deep Ledge Jig under it set at about 18 inches. With a black and chartreuse, red and chartreuse, or purple and chartreuse Midsouth tube. The watercolor is darker in areas that I am fishing willows. So I am using darker colored tubes.

Crappie fishing is going to get red hot over the next three weeks since they will hit the bank hard. So get out there and go crappie fishing.

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