Crappies are the best bet at Shelbyville - fishing report

Crappies are the best bet at Shelbyville - fishing report

I just heard from Steve Welsh about the crappie fishing on Lake Shelbyville.   It looks like things are picking up...  SPRING IS HERE!

Water temps have really went up this week with a weeks worth of full sun. One the north end the morning temps are running 46 and warming to 56 during the day. The south end is cooler and I have seen some 43 temps but the short coves facing afternoon sun has much warmer temps.

With these warmer temps I am fishing very shallow. I am using my Deep Ledge Jig 3/32oz. under a slip cork with a chartreuse Baby Shad and setting it at about 12-18 inches. I am looking for any small brush or down trees with lots of small brush spread out on the surface or just below. The crappie are up sunning themselves and need a lot of cover to allow them to be that close to the surface. Water depth means nothing you just need brush up on the surface. I have yet to see any males with spawning colors so this shallow movement is more about comfort than anything else.

On the south end you just need to concentrate on standing timber in the mouths of coves and stay way back and throw a fixed cork and a jig and tube under it and have it set at about 18-36 inches. The fixed cork works better over a slip cork because you can swim the jig by the tree very slowly. For what I am doing on the north end fishing very dense brush you need a slip cork.

This week we are to get rain the first half of the week but the overnight temps are staying up so these shallow fish will stay shallow early in the day rather than having to wait on the water temps to go up. So it should be a good week of fishing.


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