News from the Northwoods

Last week I got to visit some good friends, Mark and Kris at the Forest Lake Country Store in Land O Lakes Wisconsin.

Snow has arrived up north and there were snowmobilers everywhere.  Day and night I would see them on the trails.

There were quite a few sledders having breakfast at the country store when my wife Judy and I arrived.   It was one of those mornings where we had lots to do but yet had plenty of time for a 3 hour breakfast and chat with Mark and Kris.

I had the #16, my favorite.  Three eggs, 3 sausages, 3 slices of bacon, homemade whole wheat toast with locally made cranberry/raspberry jam and coffee.   You can see a photo below.   Judy had a ham off the bone and asparagus omelet.  She loved it.

Now it's back to reality... and our own snow to deal with.   It's always good to hear from Mark and this morning, with my cup of coffee, I got to check out what's going on in the Northwoods now.

Forest Lake Country Store - Great food and a whole lot more,,, 
March 2013 News

Our spring closure will start on Monday March 25th and we will re-open on Monday April 29th.  While we are closed we will rework our kitchen and look forward to new menu items and faster delivery of our current menu selections.

Spring is in the air,,, No, there are no daffodils pushing thru the snow and ice is a long way from loosening the grip on area lakes.  But spring is close.  Just take a walk outside and listen.  The birds will tell you, spring is on the way.  Look at the eaves of the buildings.  Slightly warmer temperatures are working on the snow loads on the rooftops.  Icicles dangle from the roof edges. The steady drip, making longer icicles, marks the slow recession of winter.  The sun is hanging around a little longer each day, and climbing a little higher in the sky.  You do not notice a couple extra minutes each day.  Seems like yesterday we were driving to the store in the dark, all of a sudden you notice it is nearly daylight on the drive in!  Kind of a sneaky proposition, like watching your own kids grow up.  You do not see it happen from day to day, but look back a month on the local days or weather, or with the kids a 5 year old picture and you wonder how it changed so fast!  

This is a rebirth of the north woods to which we bear witness each year.  The beauty of the snow covered bush country and cold temps of winter slowly give way to spring, then summer.  There is a stage, the “mud months”, that are kind of dark and dank that we must endure before we see the brightness and beauty of summer rising up from the old ferns and leaves carpeting the forest floor.  It is interesting that Easter happens at the same time of year.  We reflect the re-birth of the Lord, for our own salvation, similar to the escape we receive from the mud months.  But the gift from Him is a little nicer!

New in the Store

Spring brings delivery of Bock beers.  We have received our first Bock of the spring season, Buckshot Bock from Northwood’s Brewing.   We look forward to seeing so many more before we close for spring!

Other new beers include Summer Shandy from Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing.  This great beer is available a little earlier this year than last year and has been anticipated by so many customers.  Questions have been asked about the return of Shandy!  It is here and ready for your enjoyment.

We have also put CitraBomb from Sprecher Brewing.  This is a fresh hop, Imperial IPA.  This was shared at a recent in store beer tasting and most attendees enjoyed the fresh flavor of the hops.  

There are not a lot of new items in this month’s newsletter.  Shoot, we are closing at the end of the month and we do not want a bunch of invoices coming due while we are closed!  Now is a good time to remind you of the many unique services and products we do offer.  

Donuts and cinnamon rolls.  It is a tough business for us, one day we have way too many, the next we are sold out in an hour.  If you have a big group and you need a bunch of donuts ready for your morning meal, let us know 24 hours ahead of time.  We will make them, exactly to your order, and have them waiting for you in the morning.  No worries for you about our morning inventory!

Wi-Fi.  We do offer high speed internet for our store customers.  Last fall we hooked up with the new Frontier DSL service.  To say it is better than Satellite service is a huge understatement.  This service is 5 times faster and there is not a daily limit on the amount of band width used.  That means it is as fast at 4 in the afternoon as it is at 8 in the morning!  If you are looking to check your emails, check out sports scores, or God forbid, do some work while you are enjoying a meal, stop in and use our Wi-Fi.

Grab and Go Catering.  Let us help you plan the food for your summer event.  We have supplied food for weddings and anniversaries, office meetings and lake association picnics and more.  Groups of 8 to 200 have enjoyed Country Store food at their events.  Keep us in mind for your food service needs in the North Woods.  Early planning helps us give you a top notch event and excellent service.

Special order beers and wines.  We have limited space (and money) to keep our inventory cognizant of our diverse customer tastes.  If you have a favorite wine or beer that you do not see on our shelves, ask us and we will do some research for you and quote you a price to buy some of your favorite beverage.  

News from the Northwoods

Remember the special release from February regarding Karen Weber Mendham.  She is one of three National finalists in the Frito-Lay Do Us a Flavor Contest .  You can vote for her Cheesy Garlic Bread.  Here is the information;

There are three ways you can vote for your favorite. You can go to the Lay's Facebook page for the contest, texting "VOTE" to 24477, or using the Twitter hashtags #SaveGarlicBread.

We ask you to be sure and cast your votes and to pass this along to your friends, co-workers and email buddies.  You can imagine our excitement for Karen, not to mention all the attention this should bring to Land O’ Lakes.  
You can vote three times a day, once on each platform; Twitter, Facebook and texting.  We hope that you can help Karen realize a dream!

There are not many North Woods events in March and April.  These months are affectionately called the “mud months”.  We plot and plan for the summer months and look forward to summer traffic.  Now is a good time to look forward to so many of the great summer highlights:

May 1 Wisconsin Fishing Opener
May 10th and 11th Boulder Junction Birding Festival at the North Lakeland Discovery Center
May 15 Michigan Fishing Opener, Catch muskies on the border lakes
May 25th and 26th  Boulder Junction town Wide Rummage Sale
May 25th Wisconsin Musky Season opens
May 30th Land O’ Lakes Flea Market, A bigger location (Town Hall grounds) will allow many more vendors.  There will be a flea market every Thursday until Labor Day weekend!
June 1 and 2 Wisconsin Free Fishing Weekend, no license required
June 4th Boulder Junction Flea Market, held every Tuesday ‘til labor Day
June 6th, and every Thursday ‘til Labor Day, the Land O’ Lakes Farmers Market
June 8th and 9th if Michigan’s Free Fishing Weekend, no license required.
July 3rd Land O’ Lakes Fireworks!
July 4th Land O’ Lakes Parade and Picnic in the Park
July 13th Boulder Junction Blues Breakdown Noon to 10 PM, Blues Music festival
July 27th Land O’ Lakes Art Impressions, Library Used Book Sale, Airport Days
August 3rd Land O’ Lakes Community Rummage Sale
August 9th – 11th Boulder Junction Musky Jamboree
August 28th  Land O’ Lakes Colorama Festival

Check the Land O’ Lakes Chamber website and the Boulder Junction Chamber website for more information on these, and many more, events!

Events in the North Woods

March 30th Boulder Junction Easter Egg Hunt

It’s time to stretch the limbs, breath in the spring air and enjoy the outdoors with a fun event for families, friends and anyone who loves a treasure hunt!

Boulder Junction Chamber’s 6th Annual Easter Cache Hunt takes place on Saturday, March 30 at Boulder Junction’s Winter Park. The Hunt will begin at 10:30am include 12 Easter-themed caches. Once each individual or team collects all 12 caches, return to Winter Park Pavilion to see who has collected the most points for fantastic prizes. A side activity will be available for attendees ages six and under. Enjoy lunch at noon (just $5.00 per person), followed by the prize ceremony. Wagon rides will be available, weather permitting.

Geocaching is a fun, social, outdoor game suitable for all ages. Players use GPS units to search for specific coordinates and find hidden treasures, or “caches”—containers with items inside. If you enjoy geocaching, don’t miss out on this egg-cellent event. Bring your GPS and Easter Basket and have a hoppin’ good time at this year’s Easter Cache Hunt! Boulder Junction’s Winter Park is located just ¼ mile east of downtown Boulder Junction, on Old Highway K. See you there!

For those geocachers looking for a more challenging hunt, be sure to check-out the 250+ geocaches listed on that are placed with within 25 miles of Boulder Junction located within the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest.

To learn more about the Easter Cache Hunt or for information about lodging, dining, or other activities in the Boulder Junction area, visit, or contact the Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce at 715-385-2400. RSVP for the event is appreciated, but not required.

Land O’ Lakes Library News

March 8th Free Movie Day at the Library!  1 PM Coffee and Popcorn are free.  Come early for a good seat!

If you are doing your spring cleaning and have any books or DVD’s the library would be happy to accept these as a donation and will give you a receipt for your tax purposes.  The items are sold at the Libraries Used Book Sale in the summer.  This is the largest fund raiser for the library every year and requires the kind donations to make it work.  Hundreds of volunteer hours are put into sorting, cataloging and pricing the books for the sale.  Your donations will be appreciated and put to good use in Land O’ Lakes.

Land O’ Lakes Artisans /Artistree Events

The Land O Lakes Area Artisans Inc./LOLA is excited to sponsor the 4th Annual "What Will Kids Imagine Next?" Art Exhibit from March 9 through March 23.  This year’s theme is BUGS! and will be hosted by LOLA and the Artistree Gallery Cooperative.

One piece of work will be exhibited from each child at the Land O' Lakes Elementary School and area home schooled students. LOLA will frame each child's work which will hang within the Artistree Gallery Cooperative.  Artists take their work off the wall especially for this event.  It is rare that young children get to have their work exhibited in a real gallery setting.

A reception will be held for the student artists on Saturday, March 16 from 1 - 4 p.m.  LOLA Board Members and school representatives will be here to celebrate with the children and community artists will be available to talk with the young artists about their work.  Children will have their picture taken with their displayed artwork.

The Conover/Land O Lakes PTA will again choose five students, one from each grade, to have their "bug" work reproduced on greeting cards that will be a fundraiser for the PTA.  The cards will be presented at the reception and for sale within the gallery.

LOLA will also offer a special art workshop held at the Land O Lakes Library on Tuesday, March 26th for LOL Elementary School and area home-schooled children. The class for students in kindergarten, first, and second grades will be held at 9:00AM  and a class for third, fourth and fifth graders will be held at 1PM.  Area naturalist Peter Dring will provide his bug collection for students to examine. The insects will be viewed with magnifying glasses so that the children can search for patterns, unusual shapes, and vivid colors.  Using black paper and colored pencils artist Wendy Powalisz will help students concentrate on close focus drawings of the insects.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the creativity of our area’s students!  For more information, stop in the LOLA Center for the Arts in Land O Lakes, visit the LOLA website , or call Wendy at 715-547-3950.

People around Land O’ Lakes
Regrets to those who are receiving a belated birthday wish.  We are a little late getting our March Newsletter released.  We hope your birthdays were grand events!  

March 1 Boo Loader celebrates her birthday
March 3rd is a shared birthday for Mimi Allman, Patricia Stopczynski and Jerry Fassbender
March 4th is Kristin Sarama’s birthday
March 5th Ben Bawden celebrates his birthday
March 6th is a shared birthday for Ralph Sitzberger and John Fassbender
March 8th is Kate Gaetano’s birthday
March 7th Joy Craig (Meyer Insurance) has her birthday.
March 9th is Maryellen Otterpohl’s birthday
March 10th Dennis Wasielewski’s birthday
March 11th is Ned Morris’s birthday and also Maryellen and Sam Otterpohl’s anniversary!
March 12th is Mary Congdon’s birthday
March 13th is John Hiebler’s birthday
March 15th is Jennifer Lippert-Obrien’s birthday
March 17th Pete Lavris celebrates his birthday
March 19th Judy Dziedzina has a birthday
March 20th Dennis Snyder and Tom McDermott share their birthday.
March 21st is Noah Millers birthday
March 23rd Francie Firner Stoner celebrates her birthday
March 25th is a shared birthday for Sharon Basten, Dave Juday and Holly McCormack
March 28th is the birthday for Glenda Boniface
March 29th is Carolyn Rohlen’s birthday

This is the end of our March newsletter.  We are not alone to say we are ecstatic to have received at least a month of great sledding.  The entire community is happy for the winter traffic we received in February!  With any luck we will receive a little snow and a couple more strong weekends to help our winter purses.  We look forward to the summer business.  As always, we thank you for the support, the ideas, and the business that you give to the store.  Great customers help us build a great business.  We appreciate everything we receive from our customers.    

Kris and Mark Gostisha and girls
Forest Lake Country Store
6256 County Road B     
Land O’ Lakes WI 54540     
715 547 8222

Store Hours
Friday and Saturday 8 AM – 8 PM
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8 AM – 2 PM
Closed on Tuesdays


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