From the lake to the frying pan

Southern Illinois is producing fish.  Nice fish.  Ron DaRosa shares a fishing report from Crab Orchard near Marion in Williamson County when he recently got out with fishing buddy Kevin Hogan.   He also gave me a couple photos.

Ron and Kevin are not poking holes in the ice.  They're fishing soft water.  It sure looks like the crappies are "jumpin in the boat"

Hey Don,  Myself and Kevin Hogan got February kicked off with a bang today.

We fished 3 different spots between 11 AM and 4:15 PM and caught maybe 150 crappie !   Fish are really on the drop pattern big time suspended in 12 to 15 feet over as much as 20 feet of water.  The graph was LIT up all day with huge schools of fish, and again you simply dropped the jig down to the level of the fish.

Today was an absolute blast !   Weather outside was low 40s with some managable wind out of the west then out of the northwest. Water temps right at 40. Anyone want to buy some bass tackle ?     RD

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