Women on Winnebago

Jim DaRosa of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show and I were invited to come up to Fond du Lac Wisconsin to experience their tourism's first Women on Winnebago event.

Fond du Lac Tourism invited about a dozen women who are outdoors communicators from across the Midwest to experience spear fishing for Sturgeon on Lake Winnebago.   Our job is to tape an Illinois Outdoors TV show with the  ladies cutting holes in the ice and getting their sturgeons when the season opens tomorrow, Saturday, February 9.

The guides from Wendt's on the Lake are helping out showing us all where to set up the dark houses, cut the holes and guide the ladies through the sturgeon spearing experience.

It's quite an event and with Sturgeon Stampede going on tomorrow, there will  be a lot to see and do the the Fond du Lac area for the next week or so.  At Sturgeon Stampede, there's ice bowling, ice kiting demos, all sorts of fun activities including a big bonfire on the lake.   Stand back huh?

I got quite a few photos of the hole cutting.  Pretty cool.  Never seen a chain saw that was about 5 feet long but it's needed to slice through about 20 inches of ice.

Enjoy the photos.  I hope that we'll have some sturgeon pics tomorrow.  Check back.

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