Pike Pic brings out Pickling Recipe

The clock is ticking and it won't be long before I head north to Boulder Junction Wisconsin.

Many of our smaller ponds have had the ice melt away.  I drove across the Rt. 12 Bridge at the Fox Chain O Lakes last Friday and there was open water  all around the bridge.  For ice fishing, we have to go north.

Janie Harpster who manages the Northern Highlands Sports store in Boulder Junction sent me a few photos over the weekend.   She got out fishing with some friends and sent me some impressive photos of their catch.   Looks like about 23 Northern Pike to me.  That's a lot of fish but may not be enough if you're making pickled pike.

I have a Pickled Northern Pike recipe that I received from a friend.  Try it out for pike or other fish if you like.  Trust me, once it's made, it won't last long.   Mmmmmmmmmm  good.

Pickled Northern Pike

1.5 lbs pike fillets cut in to 1 inch squares that are ¼ inch thick
2 large onions sliced
2 cups white vinegar
½ cup of sugar
2 tablespoons of Kosher salt
3 tablespoons of pickling spice

Layer fish in glass bowl cover with onions, another layer of fish, another onion, etc
Boil ingredients for 5 minutes
Pore over fish/onions
Put plate on top so all is completely submerged
Let sit until reaches room temperature
Refrigerate over night

Ready in 24 hrs.





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