Nielsen's Channel Ice Report

Marcy at Hermann's Lowlife Bar and Grill wrote to me today.

"Four inches everywhere they tell me. I mean, guys have been out there all weekend...", Marcy said  "Happy New Year! Will send out a notice when Ice Derby is scheduled..."

It appears that ice fishing is here.

Don't forget all safety rules.  Four inches of ice is considered safe but remember there can be some thin spots.  Some anglers go when its less than that and many anglers fall through the ice at this time of year.  Ice pics, cleats, a PFD are all good things to have.  Never venture out alone.  Go with a friend but don't walk side by side, spread out a little.   Bring a throwable boat cushion tied to a rope to help someone if they go through the ice.  If someone near you goes through the ice, get yourself in a prone position to disburse your weight.  Don't be afraid to YELL for help and don't panic.

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