Fun Fishing in Mexico

A handful of photos were sent to me from Art Kyriacopoulos who fished Punta Mita, Mexico.

These pictures were from the fun family fishing tournament that was held for for Art's brother in law Alex just before his wedding.  Art said that Punta Mitae is a half hour drive south of Sayulita.

The group had a half day of near-shore fishing, going after mainly Mahi-Mahi and Roosterfish, but with Pompano, Snapper, Grouper, Jacks, Mackerel, and Black or Yellowfin Tuna a possibility.

It was said that it would be a great day on the ocean and it was. Mahi-Mahi is the most common and consistent species in the area but the vicious tackle busting Roosterfish (or El Gallo in spanish) is often found schooling off Punta Mita this time of year and if we get into some Roosters the fishing can get pretty intense.  At this time of year for the past two years, the fishing was phenomenal, with huge schools of 40-70 pound Roosters ripping through the water and making crazy surface strikes on anything that moved.

By the photos, it looked like a great time was had by all with some nice fish being caught.

Thanks for the photos Art


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