Video on how to rig a sucker for musky fishing

When I was taping a TV show for Illinois Outdoors in Boulder Junction Wisconsin, fishing guide Marty Clauson of Marty Clauson's Fishing Adventures showed us how to rig a sucker for musky fishing.  It's a simple and effective way to catch big muskies in the fall.  Marty is one of the guides who works with Todd Gessner out of the Wildcat Lodge.

While we were up there we tried a variety of artificial baits but didn't get one follow.  The water was 45 degrres on the surface and that's cold.  Baits needed to move very slowly and as we drifted and dragged a sucker, it was the bait of choice.  The rig we used were made by Janie's Flies.  It's a nice wire harness that's about 30 inches long, maybe a bit longer than some others.  The longer rig is helpful when you have a "rolling" musky and it reduces the changes of line being cut by a big boy.


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