Stuffed Walleye - A video and recipe from the Northwoods

You aw from other posts that I was in Boulder Junction Wisconsin last month.  I was there to do some TV shows for the chamber and The Wildcat Lodge where I stayed.

It was a great time.  My daughter caught a nice sized muskie; actually the biggest of all caught that week by our group.  One day I got to tape a show at The Guides Inn in Boulder Junction.  Executive Chef and owner Jimmy Dean Van Rossum was kind enough to share his recipe for making Stuffed Walleye.   It's a wild rice/cranberry/walnut stuffing that goes great with walleye.

Here is a YouTube video clip showing how Chef Jimmy Dean makes this great Northwoods dish and following here is his recipe.

The Guides Inn - Stuffed Walleye

Stuffing recipe for 8 – 10 fish filets
•    1lb loaf of white or whole wheat bread
•    Slice it, cube it, drizzle it with garlic butter
•    Toast it in oven till golden brown
•    ½ bunch of celery chopped
•    2 medium onions, chopped
•    Sautee celery and onion
•    1tsp salt
•    1 tsp white pepper
•    1 tsp black pepper
•    1 tsp onion powder
•    1 tsp garlic powder
•    2 tsp oregano
•    2 tsp thyme
Note: Mix them all together, very well.
•    12 oz hot chicken stock
•    Cook I box uncle Ben’s wild rice mix
•    2 cups chopped walnuts
•    2 cups whole cranberry sauce

•    Cook cubed bread in oven till golden brown. Put it in a large bowl or pan when done.
•    Sautee celery and onions in butter or oil. Add to toasted bread.
•    Mix seasonings. Add to the bread, celery and onion mix.
•    Pour hot chicken stock over everything, and mix with a spatula or by hand; mix well but not mushy; leave some bread cubes crunchy.
•    Before you chop celery and onions you can start cooking the wild rice mix so it’s cooking while you’re chopping.
•    Now mix the cooked wild rice into bread mixture.
•    Add walnuts and cranberries.
•    Mix everything together.
•    The stuffing can be refrigerated while we are getting the fish ready.

Fish filets:
•    Skin the walleye and cut each filet in half crosswise.
•    Take a large ice cream scooper and put a large scoop on the bigger half (head side).
•    Make a slit, lengthwise, in the tail end in such a way to leave the two ends still attached.
•    Grab the slit tail end, squeeze gently to open it up and cover the other half of the filet with it.
•    Take a cookie sheet and cover in parchment paper; oil the paper. (oil the pan well if no parchment paper is available)
•    Put stuffed walleye on paper and drizzle with butter and seasonings. (paprika and seasoning pepper)
•    Put in oven and bake at 350°, for 15 – 18 min, until done.
•    Enjoy.

The stuffing can be used for any kind of fish: trout, haddock, and cod; also good for chicken, turkey, etc.
Any leftover stuffing can be put in well oiled cake pan and baked at 350° till done; can be used for Thanksgiving or at any other time.

Provided by Jimmy Dean Van Rossum
Executive Chef, Owner – The Guides Inn

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