Shelbyvillle Report

Here's a fishing report received from Lake Shelbyville by Steve Welch.

The lake is gin clear and with no wind the crappie just bury deep in the thickest brush you can find. Fortunately I know where there are a bunch of those spots so I am still limiting out every day. Others are starting to struggle. We need overcast or some rain. The water temps are rising somewhat and have went back up to 50. I would prefer them to be ten degrees cooler. This bunches up the fish making it easier to catch a boat load.

I ventured to the south end on Friday to fish the deep channel ledges and the crappie just aren't there yet. Once they start dropping the lake to winter pool this pattern will be deadly until April of 2013 then the spawn ritual will start. I did manage to get three limits by fishing in thick brush in the fifteen-foot range so one can catch good crappie on both ends of the lake you just need to fish deeper on the south end.

With the gin clear water I have been using my white or chartreuse 1/4oz. Deep Ledge Jig and a Midsouth 102 white sparkle tube or a Bass Pro Crystal Minnow. We are swimming it back and forth in very thick brush trying to slowly climb over branches with it.

The first photo in the gallery  is of George Johnson and his son George holding up a three man limit of 45 crappie caught November 14th on Shelbyville

In the second photo Matt Rocke is hoisting up a four man limit of sixty huge crappie caught along with Ivan Gingrich and their friend George and myself on Nov. 17th on Lake Shelbyville

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