Holiday gift idea for the ice

Holiday gift idea for the ice

You'll see several posts here on my blog that will share Holiday gift buying ideas for the outdoorsman or woman.

I must say that we’re some of the hardest persons to buy for and the reason why is we all want quality gear, equipment, and clothing.  For the person who is NOT into the outdoors, buying something for us is difficult.

Ice fishing is coming up very soon too.  I’ll be posting a lot on gearing up and getting ready for first ice.  Here again, quality equipment is what makes the difference between a good day on the ice and one where equipment failure ruined your day.

Let’s get this ball rolling by talking abut ice cleats

I have a pair of Yaktrax.  To describe them, they have a flexible rubber web that fits around the boot.   A web strap with hook and loop fits over the boot to secure these cleats.  On the bottom are strong steel coils that offer great traction on the ice.

Usually when first ice comes, there is no snow on the ice.  This makes walking on the bare ice very slippery.   A person falling can be the cause of ice breaking and that person falling through.  Ice cleats are a must.

The pair I have are the Yaktrax Pro model.  With them I have confidence and feel safe on ice or even packed snow.  They’re easy to put on and take off, and I keep them in my ice fishing bucket.  They don’t take up a lot of space.

They come in different sizes to take a close look at the package if you buy them.  They actually even come in an extra large size to fit boots size 14 and larger.

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