Gearing up for Ice

Skim ice is being seen on a few small ponds now.  Some of our recent overnight low temperatures are really bringing the water temperature down.  It won't be long before our lakes will be covered with ice and we'll finally be able to take our ice gear out to catch a few fish.

Ice fishing is a unique form of fishing.  It takes special gear, a good knowledge of the water that we fish, and extra efforts to ensure safety and warmth.

A couple weeks ago Jim DaRosa of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show and I taped a TV show for Illinois Outdoors TV.  The show was titled Gearing Up for Ice.    Our location was the Bass Pro Shops in Bolingbrook, IL.  The purpose of this show was to give viewers a well rounded education on what is needed to get out ice fishing.  For the more experienced ice angler, we showed some great products that you can upgrade to and enjoy more time on the ice.

From the TV Show I grabbed quite a few video frames and added them here in the blog gallery so that you can buzz through the photos and see all the items that we used to create the show.  We hope that this helps you as a reminder of what you may need to replace or what you may want to get to enhance your next ice fishing adventure.

In that this is coming to you in the beginning of our holiday gift buying season, maybe a few of these items can be on your list of items to get for that ice angler on your shopping list.

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