When I was doing the Tribune fishing reports, one of my regular contacts at this time of year was Marcy at Hermann's Lowlife Bar and Grill.

Hermann's offers ice anglers access to Nielsen's Channel by Port Barrington, south of the Fox Chain.  AND.... they make some of the best dang chili I've ever had.  I'm thinking about it right now:  Big bowl of chili, a diet Pepsi, and some great conversations with friends at Hermann's.

Okay, back to reality.

Nielsen's Channel is one of the first bodies of water to ice over and provide safe ice for anglers itching to wet a line, hard water style.

Well, I'm still keeping in touch with Marcy and here's the first ice report for the winter of 2012.

Hi! There is some skim ice, but it's melting under the sunny skies... A few days ago, there was almost an inch! I didn't send any update, cuz I knew temps were going up this weekend.

Water level seems to be up a bit, after a low water end-of-boating season.   We have Chili !  And video gambling !  Hope to see y'all soon!


Get ready.  I know we're scheduled for a warm weekend and the ice seen in these photos is gone.  But it won't be long before it's back.  Take this weekend and use it to get your ice gear ready.   When Marcy gives out the call that ice is here... You'll here about it in by blog immediately.  Hermann's also hosts ice fishing derby's .  Check back for info on that and ice conditions.


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