Kankakee River Report

Here's a fishing report from the Godfather of the Kankakee River, Ed Mullady - The Sportsman's Letter.

Indiana is producing some *largemouth and smallmouth bass *some northern pike, especially at mouths of any creeks or ditches with good supply of water, on bigger minnows, Doctor Spoons.  Walleye fair along drifts, ditch mouths, shorelines on jig and minnow *jig and nightcrawlers*spinners.  Catfish good on larger minnows or catfish cheese. Be sure to check if fishing is allowed in different areas that hunting is taking place in both Indiana and Illinois.  As of today the Kankakee and its tributaries are slightly deeper.

Dave Zack, Momence IL Conservancy  District President, reports the area east of Momence is slightly deeper, and water is extremely clear. He checked a 3 foot deep area and could see the bottom of the river very well.  Dave also told me that there have been some out fishing that area with fair to good catches of smallmouth and largemouth bass, rock bass and other fish.

Downstream along the Iroquois River where it enters the Kankakee, near Aroma Park, IL, some walleye have been caught along with catfish and smallmouth bass.

From Kankakee, IL Dam through Johnson's  Veteran Fisherman's Park catfishing is also good, pike in certain shoreline areas, with some walleye along  bridge piers rocky areas.  Good area for smallmmouth bass here now. Kankakee, IL  State Park good on catfish(minnows, catfish cheese), smallmouth bass on spinner baits, Wtd.,Keeper Hooks and Twister tails, fly rod minnow like flies. Croppie, rock bass feeding along quieter waters.

Wilmington, IL Area through Island Park good for catfish, some walleye, rock bass and smallmouth bass being caught.

That's it for now, good time for late fall fishing!

Ed Mullady, Sportsman's Letter

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