The Chevy Display at the AGLOW Conference in Branson MO

At the 2012 Association of Great Lakes Outdoors Writers Conference Chevrolet, a corporate sponsor of AGLOW, brought out a handful of tow vehicles for us outdoor writers to test drive.  What a neat experience it was. I had to tape some of this for my Illinois Outdoors TV Show.

In this short video that will air in one of my shows on October 13 at 8 AM on the Total Living Network (ch 67 aand 138 - Comcast), Otie  McKinley from Chevrolet fills in the viewers with information on the Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe Hybrid and Avalanche.

As it ends up, this is quite timely.  Yesterday it was announced that Chevrolet is now celebrating building trucks in the US for 95 years.

It started with a simple idea – a few car chassis fitted with hand-built beds to help carry materials around a booming car factory. Before long, millions of Chevrolet pickups were woven into the fabric of a fast-growing country. Chevy trucks tackled the toughest jobs on farms and in the fields, hauled tools and lumber to the burgeoning suburbs and carried families and friends into the wilds for well-earned vacations.

“The legacy that Chevrolet trucks have built over the last 95 years is important to protect,” said Don Johnson, Chevrolet vice president of Sales and Service.  “The best way for us to do that is by delivering the capability and technology our customers have grown to expect, in both our current trucks and in our next generation of full-size pickups."

I'll post another blog with a review of Chevy truck in history.  But for now, enjoy the video about trucks that we enjoy using today.

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