5 Cents tax on every round of firearm ammunition in Cook County?

5 Cents tax on every round of firearm ammunition in Cook County?

There is a taxation proposal on the table for Cook County.  According to Sec. 74-668. Tax Imposed, Rates, the following tax can be put on firearms and ammunition.

Firearm Tax Rate.   A tax is hereby imposed on the retail purchase of a firearm as defined in this article in the amount of $25.00 for each firearm purchased.

Firearm Ammunition Tax Rate.   A tax is hereby imposed on the retail purchase of firearm ammunition, in the amount of $.05 for each round or cartridge of firearm ammunition purchased.

Here's what the National Shooting Sports Foundation has to say...

Legislative AlertOppose Cook County Ammunition and Firearms TaxContact Cook County Board President and Commissioners TODAY

Anti-gun Chicago politicians are at it again. Last week, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle decided to solve their budget problems by attacking law-abiding firearms owners and retailers. The proposed 2013 budget plan seeks to tax all purchases of firearms and ammunition in Cook County. The budget proposal will impose a tax of a nickel per bullet (or shotgun shell) and $25 for each firearm purchased; basically penalizing individuals for exercising their constitutional right. There are many instances where the tax on ammunition will exceed the actual cost of the product leading to price increases of over 150 percent.

Not only will this proposal have a severe negative impact on Cook County finances through the loss of sales tax, but it will also lead to retailers abandoning the county all together. Retailers collectively pay millions upon millions of dollars in county sales tax that would effectively disappear if this budget proposal were to become law, thereby leaving the county in worse financial shape. The county commissioners are also ignoring the fact that implementation of this extensive tax program and ammunition registration scheme will cost millions of dollars to the county.

Cook County in an attempt to increase revenue is focusing on law-abiding gun owners and retailers instead of targeting criminals in the city. In these difficult economic times, the county commissioners, as elected officials, should do everything in their power to support legitimate business owners instead of driving businesses and consumers to neighboring communities. Federally licensed firearms retailers, most of which are small independent businesses are the backbone of the county's economy. Our small business owners know firsthand how regulations, however well intentioned, can have a significant adverse financial impact on a business. Currently, Illinois retailers are some of the most heavily regulated firearms dealers in the nation.

The financial burden that is created by this tax proposal requirement makes it increasingly more difficult for law-abiding retailers to continue their livelihood, create jobs and tax revenue for the county. Cook County's firearm retailers are not the cause of the criminal misuse of firearms.

Over the next week, there have been four public hearings scheduled on the proposed 2013 Executive Budget. If possible please attend one these hearings and testify in opposition to the tax. You must sign up first to testify.

Date Time Location
Thursday, Oct. 25 6:30 p.m. Second District Courthouse
5600 Old Orchard Road, Conf. Room 201
Skokie, IL
Friday, Oct. 26 9 a.m. Cook County Building
118 N. Clark St. Board Room, Rm. 569
Chicago, IL
Tuesday, Oct. 30 6:30 p.m. Sixth District Courthouse
16501 S. Kedzie Pkwy., Courtroom 098
Markham, IL
Thursday, Nov. 1 6:30 p.m. Fourth District Courthouse
1500 South Maybrook Dr., Courtroom 106
Maywood, IL

Please contact Board President Preckwinkle and all the Cook County Board of Commissioners today and urge them to oppose this unfair tax on your rights.

Commisioner Phone Number
President Toni Preckwinkle 312-603-6400
Robert Steele 312-603-3019
Larry Suffredin 312-603-6383
Earlean Collins 312-603-4566
Timothy O. Schneider 312-603-6388
Jerry Butler 312-603 6391
Elizabeth Doody Gorman 312-603-4215
Joan Patricia Murphy 312-603-4216
Jeffrey R. Tobolski 312-603-6384
Bridget Gainer 312-603-4210
John A. Fritchey 312-603-6380
William M. Beavers 312-603-2065
Gregg Goslin 312-603-4932
Edwin Reyes 312-603-6386
Jesus G. Garcia 312-603-5443
Deborah Sims 312-603 6381
Peter N. Silvestri 312-603-4393
John P. Daley 312-603-4400


Visit NSSF's Government Relations site at nssf.org/GovRel.

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