Tips for catching fall crappies

Tips for catching fall crappies
Larry Whiteley, Bass Pro Shops

Larry Whiteley is an avid angler and radio show host. for Bass Pro shops.   One thing that I can count on from Larry is some great fishing trips to share.  Many of them Larry records and sends them to me for use on our own radio show.   Sharing information is what it's all about.   Here, Larry shares some tips on catching fall crappies.

Fall is a transition time for crappie, making them very unpredictable but still catchable.

Where to find crappie can change day to day and even hour to hour. The best area to focus on is where shallow water rapidly drops off into deep water. Crappie can move quickly up and down in this area, yet they will still hold on some type of structure or cover.

Food draws crappie to an area, while available light and cover determines the depth the crappie will hold. Vertical jigging, casting and retrieving, even long poling will all catch fish. Lure choices should be 1/16 to 1/8 ounce jigs. Use balanced equipment, determine the food source, find their hideouts, determine the depth they are holding at and you should go home with a mess of those good eating fall crappie.

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