Is eating lion meat wrong? What about a cow?

Is eating lion meat wrong?   What about a cow?
Is it wrong to eat Lion meat?

Taste & See is the name of a restaurant in Wichita, Kansas.   I’ve never dined there.  Actually, I’ve been to Kansas but never Wichita.

None the less, I've been getting emails telling me that on August 14th, Taste & See will be offering a $160.00 per person exotic meats dinner.  Okay folks here’s your chance to enjoy the flavors of wild hare from Scotland, Indian farm-raised alpaca, Australian crocodile tenderloin, African water buffalo, Australian kangaroo loin fillets, African antelope osso bucco and African lion.

Needless to say, this menu is putting a number of people in a tizzy.  Why?  I don’t know.

Don’t people eat beef, aka cows?  Are not water buffalo or antelope kind of like cows?  Alpaka versus sheep or lambs, what’s the big deal?

Crocodile, alligator; same thing in my book and it’s a much enjoyed menu item at the Islamorada Restaurant at Bass Pro Shops.

Eating lion meat, does seem to be a bit strange, but maybe not to so someone in another country.  I’d give it a shot.   If I don’t like it, I won’t eat it.  If I do, I’ll clean the plate.  This is America, we have that choice. And as Americans we should respect the choices of others.   I don't complain or criticize those who want to be vegetarian.

As sportsmen and women we eat deer, pheasant, quail, rabbit,ducks, geese, squirrel, and many other "exotic" animals.  And we hunt them so we can enjoy not only the hunt, but also the harvest.

Now on the other side this coin there’s a group and website out here, that’s pushing a petition to be signed to have this dinner stopped.  I read some of the comments where people say that you shouldn’t eat beautiful animals.  Is a little defenseless baby lamb not a beautiful animal and therefore not subject to slaughter for human consumption?  How about a cow or calf?  A pig?   Do the rules go like this?  If you ugly we can eat you but if you’re beautiful, you can survive.

I don’t get it.  Do you?  What do you think?   Here’s the restaurant website,  Get the other side of the coin at

What side of the fence to you sit on?

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