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I have a few photos from my last trip to the Calumet River.  I fished with Jeff "Big Dog" Novak.   Jeff is one of the pro staff members of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show and has helped me often with the Illinois Outdoors TV Show.

I was quite surprised how much duckweed was on the water as we got closer to the Locks. This trip was before our recent cool spell came to Chicago.  The water was warm and fishing really was slow.   For a Sunday, there was  loads of barge traffic so I didn't navigate to Lake Calumet or points further east on the river.  I did talk to one angler on our side of the locks who said that the bass bite was not bad on Lake Calumet and much better than below the locks.   He came back early because of his fear of getting stuck waiting for the lock tender letting him through.

Jeff and I fished mostly with wacky worms.   We got bass and a few pumpkin seed when we used small worms.  I've had better days on the river, but none the less, it was fun to be out there.

FYI, don't try to use the Worth ramps on a weekday as only those with annual passes are allowed.  The Alsip ramp is open 7 days a week.


From Steve Welch

Water temps have fallen somewhat this week down to 81 and the lake is still about two-feet low. The north end has some color since we got some good rains this past week but the south end is still gin clear.

I am still crappie fishing with minnows and slip bobbers and still just hammering the crappie. The only difference I have seen this past week is that I am starting to catch some very nice fish up on the north end in shallower water around ten-feet. Bait must be present though. My best crappie fishing is from Bruce-Findley bridge down to point two on channel banks out on the end of down trees. Side imaging really helps in this area because I can see if any fish are on the ends of the trees before we fish them. If you motor over the tops of these trees and try and down-image them the fish are gone before your boat gets over the top. The water is just so clear. I am catching some very nice large mouth bass on these same trees and I am seeing fish in the three to six-pound range.

The crappie have been biting so well I really haven't been doing any white bass fishing but folks are having some success on them on channel drops close to flats. Point two and three are best right now using jigging spoons.

The weather is cooling off so it isn't bad out there now and the crappie fishing is very very good. I can show you how to catch them deep and this info will help you wherever you fish. Clients have been amazed on how many fish we are catching. We are going through about twelve dozen minnows a day so action is non-stop.

I have included pics from last few days.
Pic. one is of S.W. Hardwick holding up a three man limit of forty-five
crappie caught August 7th
Pic. two is of Kurt Maubach holding up a three man limit of forty-five
crappie caught August 5th
Pic. three is of Layton Howard holding up a three man limit of
forty-five crappie caught on August 4th

Thanks, Steve - Crappie Specialties


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