Illinois Crossbow Season on the way

Illinois is one step closer to allowing able-bodied bowhunters to secure a permit to hunt white-tailed deer with a crossbow this fall. House Bill 4819 passed the House and Senate, and is expected to be signed into law by Governor Quinn soon. Once that happens, the IDNR will need to re-write the Wildlife Code to adopt this "bow of choice" season, then it's game-on! Until now, crossbow hunting was only allowed for hunters age 62 and older or those whose meet physical disability requirements. Under this new law, any legal Illinois bowhunter may obtain a crossbow permit. The "crossbow" season is only going to be open for roughly half of the Illinois archery season. The season is expected to open December 3rd, the second Monday after Thanksgiving, and after the firearm deer season. Illinois retailers and the crossbow manufacturers are extremely excited and anticipate a rise in sales. Of course, hardcore traditional bowhunters are frowning on the new law. It's definitely "lowering the bar" for what is considered true bowhunting. We can only assume that this is part of the State's master plan to manage the incredible deer herd that we have. I'm not running out to buy a crossbow just yet. But it might make a nice early Christmas gift for my kids. For the current status of the Bill, click HERE

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