Hot fishing report from Lake Shelbyville

It's hot outside that's for sure.  And at Shelbyville Lake in central Illinois it's even a bit warmer.  None the less, fishing guide Steve Welch has been out and here's his report...

The temps outside are just boiling but the only good thing about that is the white bass feed heavily at daylight and again at dark on surface. I am catching them from point two down to the dam. We start our day at 6:00 then fish for them until 9:00 and then we switch over to crappie out on the main lake river channels.

For the white bass I am throwing my 3/8 and 1/2oz. Candystripers and running them right under the surface in the busts. Depth means nothing you just watch for feeding white bass on top. Then we are switching over to a 3/4oz. Slab Spoon that Chip's Marine is carrying. I have been doing very well on them as well as my candystripers. I am fishing drops and vertically jigging the spoon up and down.

For the crappie I am fishing on main lake trees both down and standing out in 25-50 feet of water. The crappie suspend in the branches and you will get them from 14-18 feet deep depending on how deep the branches are on that particular tree. Wind is the key to getting bigger fish in these trees. The wind blows bait over to that bank and then the crappie hang around for a few days. If we don't get any wind then they just suspend out in the deep basins and all you will catch in the trees are hundreds of small black crappie.

The tackle I am using for the crappie is quite simple. I am using a slip bobber and minnow and keeping the boat away from the trees. I use my side imaging to drive by these trees to see if they have fish on them then we mark the deep branches and set back and cast the slip bobber over them. You will catch about a hundred crappie a day between myself  and my two clients so action is very good and I have been taking out a lot of kids and they love this.

These two patterns will remain the same until mid September so don't think the fishing is slow as we have been cleaning about 75-100 fish a day between crappie and white bass by switching back and forth.
Steve Welch

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